Waiting impatiently for the eagle to land

It seems as if the Cubs are taking the tortoise route at sealing the deal with Theo Epstein - they hurry, hurry, hurried to announce something and now they've subjected us to anxiously waiting for the deal to be official.

Here's the bad part of everything that's going on - some articles I've read have suggested that Theo may not dual-wield job titles and may go and get himself a GM.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole point that he be the GM who saves the organization?  We've had guys who were above the GM in the past - I'm not sure what they ever did except spoil an excellent baseball rep on hiring really crappy GMs.

It kind of reminds me of a situation from my past running GROTA.  As you may know, we've in the past done goofy photoshops.  Other folks out there did them as well, and way better than me.  So I tracked down a guy whose photoshopping was EPIC and invited him to join the GROTA staff.  I must have been so anxious to bring him over that I sent the wrong message, and thus I read on his blog one day, "I'll be working over at GROTA from this point on, where they want me to actually blog about my views on the Cubs rather than just make photoshops!"  While his writing/opinions may have been stellar, it was the photoshopping that I was after.  Oops.

The point is, sometimes you get so ahead of yourself trying to wrangle up a big name with talent that you end up getting more - and simultaneously less - than what you bargained for.  I hope that this isn't the case with Ricketts and Theo.

In any case, our Tribune brethren is reporting that Theo is keen on landing Jed Hoyer from San Diego to be his GM.  Maybe Hoyer is as talented as his friend Theo, but this is the guy who, in his second year as GM, built an amazing team that was entirely absent of an offense.   Look 'em up - the 2011 Padres had one guy with double digits in homeruns - Ryan Ludwick, who hit 11 before getting traded away to Pittsburgh.  The Padres had zero players with 300 at-bats or more who had an OPS of .800 or above.  Their team batting average was .237 and their team slugging was .349.  .349!!  That's the same as the Boston Team OBP last year!

Maybe something happened that caused Jed to forget about hitting - after all, the '10 Padres won 90 games - but the idea of Theo coming to Chicago and giving somebody else the job for which he attracted our attention to begin with is a bit unsettling.

In the meantime, there is apparently some kind of important baseball series going on right now, but I'm just going to live in a self-created bubble in which I deny it's happening.

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