Jed Hoyer - officially a Cub. Yay?

Jed Hoyer - officially a Cub.  Yay?

As expected, San Diego's second year GM has bolted to Chicago, bringing with him Jason McLeod, his and Theo's farm system expert.  I remain unconvinced that Hoyer is the right guy for GM, partly on account of how I'm pretty sure that Theo Epstein is the right guy for GM.

Not that Hoyer is an overall dolt.  He apparently holds the keys to the magic kingdom of Sabermetrics - either that or he regularly browses Fangraphs while having mastered the necessary authoritative tone to successfully gather wool over his boss's eyes.  (Hey, it's what I would've done.)  Cub fans see sabermetrics in the same way that folks in the middle of the 20th century saw penicillin.  It's a revolutionary way to treat epidemics (in this case, the Cubs farm system) that should've arrived a long-ass time ago.  Will the Cubs' bold step into 2002 finally earn them the championship that we've been desiring for eight generations?  Maybe.  But I think that the bolder move will be the construction of a front office that isn't apparently run by a pack of functionally retarded "executives."

Still, Hoyer's baseball savvy worries me.  As mentioned in earlier posts, he built a Padres team in 2011 that might have outhit the 1915 Philadelphia Athletics, who boldly hit .237 with a .311 slugging percentage en route to a 43-109 season. But don't worry - I exaggerate a bit.  The 2011 Padres actually batted .237 as a team but with a .349 slugging percentage.  They put up way, way better numbers than the craptacular A's.  I mean, hell, unlike the free-swingin' A's, the Padres actually had one guy who hit 10+ homeruns ... who they traded away before the end of the season.  Guh.

In any case, the front office is now in place.  Still, I'm sure we'll see a few more firings and hirings in the coming weeks.  I hear that Mike Quade is already attending Ex Managers Anonymous meetings and Ryne Sandberg is sitting by the phone growing a "job beard" until Theo gives him a ring.  Some signings should start to happen shortly - maybe Aramis will return, on account of how the alternative is a 2012 Cubs offense that makes the 2011 Padres offense look like Murderers Row.  (We shall affectionately call them Suiciders Row.)  Or maybe Jetheo will surprise us and bring in some immediate cannons to replace the depleted Cubs offense.  In any case, we'll be watching closely... oh yes, closely indeed.

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  • With the Ryno sightings, I wonder if another Starbucks guy will appear.

    Of course, you didn't mention if Hoyer's job includes the two big jobs: unloading Z, perhaps to Miami, and maybe unloading Soriano.

    I have always contended that when buying the team, Ricketts discounted the presumed value of $1 billion to the offered $850 million, in part, because he knew the cost of the assumed contracts, and thus money won't be an object in these two cases.

    For that matter, the Cubs still need a couple of starting pitchers, not to mention a first baseman (depending on how the Prince and the Pena turn out).

  • I always assumed that Ricketts bought the Cubs for slightly less than expected because the economy tanked and a $1 billion pricetag would have required the purchaser to sell apples from a cart outside the stadium in order to make ends meet.

    To me, it doesn't matter what happens with Zambrano/Soriano/etc., because the key to prolific winning is found in growing the farm system. We've written about it before - the last two legitimate hitters developed by the Cubs were Raffy Palmeiro and Mark Grace, back when the current crop of university graduates were being born. Castro and Soto might be the next pair, but they've yet to show that they can play successfully at an All Star level for the long haul.

  • In reply to Kurt Evans:

    Since it is "contended" on my part, and "assumed" on yours, I guess no one will know, unless, as Rosenbloom put it on radio, we find out why "Daddy Joe said that's all the money we're putting in."

    I only mentioned Castro and Barney on the point that they provide the only foundation for smallball here.

  • Bravo on the gopher link.

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