It's a done deal - Epstein the Cubs GM

The Tribune is reporting that Theo Epstein and the Cubs have come to an agreement - 5 years, $15 million, and the weight of some heavy expectations.

I'll allow smarter folks than myself to elaborate with the traditional wall-o'-posts* but I will say that this is perhaps the first time in my life that the Cubs have flat-out made the right move.  Unless there's a blogger out there looking to make a name for himself by being the Downer Dave, I can't imagine how anybody could possibly be seen as a bad move on the part of the Cubs.  (Then again, who knows what they paid as compensation to the Red Sox...)

(*a requirement in times like these)

Next comes.... well, the rest.  The important stuff.  What horrific things will Epstein do to the front office staff, and will they sell tickets so we can watch?  Who will he hire to manage this team?  What are his immediate plans for fixing the minor league system?  How many years do we give him to return the Cubs to the playoffs before we start losing our minds again?  I ask the last question because, let's be honest, Jim Hendry left the Cubs in an abysmal state.  What stars they have are old.  What young talent they possess aren't really that talented.  What free agents are available are either way, way over-priced or way, way overrated.  2012 will not be a cure-all year; it might serve as a band-aid.

In any case - congrats to the organization for this move.  I'm astonished.


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  • You know it's a big deal when it actually motivates Kurt Evans to Blog.....( said with a smile....)

    Great news. Great day.

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