Epstein arrives; comes with baggage

The Cubs announced late Friday night that, despite Boston's resistance in picking from the crap pile known otherwise as the Cubs minor league system, the Theo signing has been completed.  He'll be taking over operations of the Cubs before the Cardinals have a chance to jab an icy dagger into our hearts with another World Series championship.  Of course, he'll be bringing with him Jed Hoyer, who may or may not be good at the job of GM.  (The problem is the may not be part of that last sentence.)

Maybe it's the Cubbie pessimist in me, but we wanted the Wunderkind running the team, negotiating the contracts, making the trades, not his baseball buddy.  Hoyer almost GM'd the Padres to the playoffs in his first year - which is, debatably, the year in which a GM's moves are the least responsible for any kind of success a team has.  Then he built a team in '11 who would've been better off playing 100 years in the past, in the deadball era which clearly inspired Hoyer's baseball outlook.  Hmm - a GM who runs things like it's 1911?  Maybe he is the right guy for a team that's 103 years deprived of baseball glory!

In any case, while I obviously don't feel as good about Hoyer as I do about Theo, Epstein will be doing one thing that the Cubs sorely need: he'll be building a baseball infrastructure that, top to bottom, will be run in a first class manner.  Maybe, at long last, the Cubs will actually have a shot at developing good players in their farm system!  I mean, Theo's Red Sox have continued to develop talent, despite the fact that they are regularly a playoff team - the Cubs can finish with one of the worst records in baseball every 2 or 3 years and their prospects still collectively leave me longing for the days of Raffy Palmeiro and Mark Grace.  Yep, it's been that long.

So what comes next?  Presumably the hiring of a manager ::cough::sandberg::cough::, followed by a few big name signings (which I sort of wish the Cubs would resist making) ::cough::princecjwilson::cough:: and, slowly, the Cubs climb out of the craphole Hendry left them in and become the team they always should've been - a perennial contender.

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