Cubs and Theo: too good to be true?

Cubs and Theo: too good to be true?
Theo Epstein: Worth More than Phil Knows

Since Jim Hendry was let go this summer, all anyone in Cub Nation has talked about is getting a "Theo Epstein Disciple", someone who knows the values of stats and performance, someone who knows how to build, and somebody who can work through decades of psychic baggage.

Ho-lee cats....we can actually have Theo Epstein?  And all it might cost us is Matt Garza, or at worst Starlin Castro?  This seems like the most perfect fit ever.  This seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.  This is definitely gonna cure what ails us.  And a thousand more cliches. For once, every single solitary soul in Cub World is holding their thumb way up to the seemingly single best thing to happen to this franchise, right now.

It seems too good to be true.

Wasn't it a few years ago when we wanted a fiery, Lou Piniella-type manager...and we got Lou Piniella?  The same year, we wanted a power-speed combo plate, 40/40, Alfonso Soriano-type...and we got Alfonso Soriano?  How about in 2001, when we had the second pick in the draft, but there was only one Greatest College Pitcher Ever in the draft, and the team ahead of us decided not to pick him because they couldn't pay him?  Which left us with Mark Prior, who a short two years later was the Ace of our pitching staff?  How about in 1998, after being verbally beaten over the head for two years about how great Kerry Wood was, and he comes up and in his fifth start strikes out 20?

The "too good to be true", the "perfect fit", just never seems to work out for us.

Please, forgive me on this, folks.  I want him as bad as you do.  In any sane plan that exists to Fix the Cubs, the first step is "hiring Theo Epstein to GM".  I would be ok about anything the Red Sox asked in compensation, and I would trust the man entirely and implicitly, if he proceed to buy both Pujols AND Fielder, if he cut every single guy in the system, if he decided to keep Mike Quade, or hire Ryne Sandberg, or Miss South Carolina to manage the team.  Whatever he does, I am behind him a hunnerd percent.

My basic instinct, my gut, my rational mind will be waiting for what it is that will go wrong, to go wrong.   When it comes to the Cubs, that's all I can do.  I know no other way, because for my entire life, at every single juncture when either good or bad can happen, bad has happened.

Until we hoist the trophy with all the little pennants sticking up, I will think that way.  I hope Theo Epstein is the guy hoisting it.  For us.


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  • Based on past experiences, *whatever* the Cubs do is going to go wrong. Therefore, no matter whether they land Theo, or lure Beane or build the first ballpark on the moon, you'll still have that resounding feeling of dread that it'll all go wrong.

    So why not do the thing that will go inevitably wrong but is still the best move the franchise can possibly make? Or should they just blow up Wrigley Field, move to the 'burbs and rename the team?

  • In reply to Kurt Evans:

    perhaps the point is a little to your left, scooting along the infield dirt. I hope they get Theo. Just don't expect me to do cartwheels about it, because until somebody actually wins it, I am not going to trust the Cubs or what happens to them. Too much has happened. I have Cubs PTSD

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