Aramis Ramirez - unanimous electee, Delusions of Grandeur Hall of Fame

Aramis Ramirez - unanimous electee, Delusions of Grandeur Hall of Fame

One thing I didn't realize is that the 16 million dollar option for Aramis Ramirez was "mutual", meaning both parties had to invoke it in order to make it valid.  Surely, the Cubs would not open themselves up to having to owe him 16 million for next year.

The Cubs invoked their side of the 16 million dollar option for next year.

Um.  Well.  Jeez...certainly, Ramirez, who was recently quoted as saying he changed his mind, and would be receptive to returning to the Cubs next year, because he likes what Theo Epstein had to say, will just POUNCE on the 16 million dollars.

Ramirez is not going to invoke his option, and will take his chances on free agency.

Whew.  Calm down now, heart.  The Cubs not only played chicken with A-Ram, and won, but now they do not owe him his $2 million buyout that he would be owed if they did not invoke his option, and they will receive one OR TWO first round draft picks from the team that does sign him.  This is the best of all possible things to happen to the Cubs concerning the so-called "least interested man in baseball".

As for Ramirez, if there was a Delusions of Grandeur Hall of Fame, he would be first ballot.  He would be the Babe Ruth of the DofG HOF.  He would have his own wing of the building, and you'd have to pay extra just to go inside and see videos of him meekly waving at grounders to his right. 

Surely, Theo doesn't think he's going to bring him back for a reduced salary......? 

Stay tuned.  This may beat the 2007 offseason for entertainment value.  I think we're going to be out here a lot.


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  • I indicated in Cubs Den that this was bassackward, especially from a Cubs management standpoint, and you recognized as much by saying that the Cubs "played chicken ... and won." However, I guess that's the way it worked out.

    The Delusions HOF must be very big, with many Cubs in it, starting with Sam Me. The ginormous Head in SF must also be in it.

    Going back to Cubs Den, I would vote on the DJ/Vitters or similar option "to see what they had," but I wouldn't rule out resigning A Ram more cheaply. in that I had previously said that everyone thought that the Cubs would invoke the buyout and resign him cheaper. Apparently now $2 million cheaper than first thought. However, that's assuming that A Ram was so delusional that he doesn't get something close to what he wants somewhere else.

  • At the Delusions HOF, Steve Trachsel is the greeter. He never made a bad pitch in his life, you know?

  • I didn't see any downside to the Cubs calling ARam's bluff. Paying $16M for a one-year rental on a 3B who hit .306 this past year (albeit in all the wrong spots) was literally the extent of the downside. Sadly, it still wouldn't be the worst contract on the team and the guy would probably be gone by the All-Star break after being highly motivated to shine to get one more big deal

    Now we're free of ARam, save $2M, don't have to pay the $16M and have a couple of compensatory draft picks. Hendry would have not doubt ripped up ARam's old deal, given him 3 years at $15M per with a full no trade, and tried to spin how he "saved" the Cubs money by doing so.....

  • well, especially since they don't really have any third base prospects ready in the pipeline. Unless you think, as I do, that Castro is best suited for third.

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