What if Darwin Barney had power and could draw walks?

Well, then he'd be Justin Sellers.

Sellers spent four years in the Oakland Athletics system, and parts of three with the Dodgers' minor league teams, before joining L.A.'s major league roster 90 plate appearances ago. Since then: a .311 OPB, .350 SLG, a homer, a steal — and an 8.9% walk rate. He's basically Darwin Barney with better tools, and he's three months younger.

He was also once a Cub.

In February 2009, the Cubs acquired Sellers and Rich Robnett from Oakland for Michael Wuertz — he of the 2.63 ERA, 102 K, and just 23 BB in 78.2 IP. Two months later, the Cubs traded Sellers to Los Angeles — for cash. And now he's on the Dodgers' major league roster.

Not a lot going on with the major league team right now (Bryan LaHair! Tony ".304 OBP" Campana!), so this is what I have for you. Let's see which shortstop hits better in 2012.

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