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The Red Sox' collapse reminds me of the 2011 Cubs.

Congratulations to the 2011 Red Sox, and thank you for doing what you could to reduce the historical significance of the 1969 Cubs’ mega-collapse, as little as it might have been. The Sox’ September collapse was the result of awful pitching. The team’s ERA for the month of September was 5.84 — dead last in... Read more »

The 2011 Cubs - Insubordination, Disconnection, and the Pursuit of False Goals

The 2011 Cubs - Insubordination, Disconnection, and the Pursuit of False Goals
So, Cubs fans, here’s where it has come to.  The 2011 season, boiled down to its “simplest” form in one play.  Of course, nothing is simple, not when it involves 25 players, a front office, 162 games, 3 million attendees and many more millions of fans throughout the world, and 103 years since the last... Read more »

What if Darwin Barney had power and could draw walks?

Well, then he’d be Justin Sellers. Sellers spent four years in the Oakland Athletics system, and parts of three with the Dodgers’ minor league teams, before joining L.A.’s major league roster 90 plate appearances ago. Since then: a .311 OPB, .350 SLG, a homer, a steal — and an 8.9% walk rate. He’s basically Darwin... Read more »

This should be the first day of the rest of the Cubs' life. Why isn't it?

The 2011 Cubs season has been, even by our necessarily softened standards, a late-term abortion.  This admittedly vile and unacceptable analogy can apply equally well to the state of the franchise as a whole.  What’s the latest piece of evidence supporting this claim? Today is September 1st, when roster restrictions are lifted and clubs everywhere... Read more »