What Might Have Been, Had The Cubs Made Trades

Suppose the Cubs had done a lot more at the deadline.

Suppose they moved Reed Johnson and Carlos Pena. Suppose they moved Ramirez, Byrd, and Baker too, punting on 2012 as well as 2011. And suppose they ate Alfonso Soriano's contract and shipped him off to New York.

This is who'd be left for the 13 open positions on the major league roster, ranked by wRC+ (remember, a wRC+ of 100 means a player is a league-average hitter):

Starlin Castro, 99
Geovany Soto, 98
Darwin Barney, 84
Blake DeWitt, 72
Tony Campana, 72
Lou Montanez, 70
Koyie Hill, 63
Tyler Colvin, -8
Brad Snyder, -56

I'm guessing the Cubs want Brett Jackson, DJ LeMahieu, and Ryan Flaherty to spend some time in Iowa facing AAA pitching, so the other four position players you'd probably see added to the roster are Marquez Smith, Bryan LaHair, Scott Moore, and maybe Marwin Gonzalez?

So maybe that's why there wasn't a fire sale.

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  • That's pretty ugly...you'd hope, though, that if the Cubs did trade Ramirez or Pena they'd get back a useful player for next season.

    Looking back now with some more perspective and a little less frustration, it's probably a good thing that the Cubs just didn't dump all of these guys for nothing. If they aren't getting anything offered of value in return, then there really is no point in trading them. The only exceptions to that rule would be Soriano, Zambrano, and Grabow.

  • The way I see it, they could finish 20 games below .500 with the current roster and not compete again next season - OR - Finish 30 games below .500 with your roster listed above and not compete again next season.

    I don't see a huge difference, should have had the fire sale.

  • The one player that would have brought backs decent prospects was Ramirez but he would not allow a trade... so that makes the issue moot.

    There are other players that contenders could use, but I am not convince that they would have given up any thing that would really help the Cubs in the future. All that would really be accomplished is losing a lot more games.

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