For true Cubs fans, your worst fears have been realized

For true Cubs fans, your worst fears have been realized
Does Tom Ricketts have a lot of 'xplainin' to do? Nah. We saw this coming.

"Quade explained he wanted to play Reed Johnson two days in a row "to see where he's at," referring to his recent back issues, and also because he had strong career numbers (8-for-13) against Maholm." - Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune

More Quade: when asked about Carlos Pena's comment that the Cubs need a "cultural change" in the clubhouse: "The culture? Does that mean adding an Australian, or does that mean getting a Chinese player? I don't know." - Sully, again.

"After a brutal May, Carlos Pena rediscovered his power-hitting stroke of old, posting a .504 slugging percentage with 20 homers over a three-month span. Pena was still owed one-third of his $10 million 2011 salary, a free-agent-to-be, and would give the Cubs no compensation picks, or anything else at year's end. There was no conceivable reason to do anything other than shop the hell out of him. Even a half-decent Class A prospect would be fine. So what did Hendry tell teams interested in renting Pena's services? No thanks, we're good." -  Jonah Keri, Grantland

"It doesn't matter, Rob. Our worst fears are being realized--that the Ricketts family is a collection of nimrods who represent that section of "fans" who are more enamored with the ballpark and the neighborhood than the product on the field. With each passing day, it's becoming increasingly clear that these people have no idea how to organize a winning club--or, worse, couldn't give a flying f*#k about how to do so. I didn't think we could do worse than the last 20 years of Tribune ownership but these clowns are doing their damndest to prove me wrong. Guh." - Mike Donohue, longtime season ticket holder, friend, Cub blogger

And that's where we are right now.  Obviously, the ownership of the Cubs must be thick as mud, because they BOUGHT the idea that the egregious, ill-advised contracts given to Zambrano, Fukudome, Soriano, Ramirez, etc. were all Sam Zell's fault.  Never mind that Zell couldn't give the proverbial flying f*#k about the Cubs, except what they would net him when sold.  Jim Hendry was successfully able to deflect the blame he dearly deserved for putting together this dysfunctional, ill-prepared, and ill-equipped roster currently embarrassing itself in the pitiful NL Central.

So, emboldened, he and his latest hand-picked manager, Mike Quade, are doing everything they can to save their own jobs.  Hendry is looking short term, gambling that his expensive players will match the backs of their baseball cards.  Quade is looking even shorter term, ignoring future development in the hopes that the club will match last year's garbage-time winning spree.  Thus, both figure, they can convince the dimwitted Ricketts family that they DO deserve to serve out the last year of their contracts.

As for the Ricketts family, they are obviously so in LOVE with owning Wrigley Field (Tom), having a voice in the "alternative" charitable community (Laura), having something to count and analyze (Tim), and having a really cool playground to play in (Todd), that they don't care about winning.  They can, with clear hearts, step up to microphones and claim sincerely that they "care about the fans".

Except, to them, the fans are the beer-swilling, spray-tanning, status-posting Chads and Trixies that fill the bleachers night after night.  Because that's what THEY were not so long ago.  None of them have a effin' CLUE about the rest of us, who actually cares about wins and losses, who actually know who is out there wearing the laundry, and can smell bad baseball when it sits there and smoulders like the greasy pile of s#*t that it is.

If Tom Ricketts walked in front of my car, I'd run his silly ass over and pretend it was an accident.  He has forsaken me, lied to me, and has done everything he can to perpetuate the worst futility streak in all of sport.

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