Fire Jim Hendry. Hire Kim Ng.

Fire Jim Hendry. Hire Kim Ng.

MLB Trade Rumors just released its first ever list of top GM candidates for MLB, something that Cub fans should be reviewing given the tenuous status of our current leadership's job security. And while you're perusing that, allow me to direct your attention to one name in particular on that list:

Kim Ng.

Ng is a former assistant GM to Ned Colletti in Los Angeles, and a current employee with MLB's front office operations in New York. Before joining LAD, she spent time with the baseball operations of the New York Yankees, as well as the Chicago White Sox — in fact it's the White Sox that gave her her first job in the league, as a minor league scout and talent evaluator. While there, Ng became the youngest person ever — and the first woman — to present in an arbitration case.

Ng also has a bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago, the same place Tom Ricketts went to school (as did yours truly, go Maroons!).

For a team that's been slogging through mediocre seasons and dumb free agent signings for decades, hiring Kim would be the ultimate slate-cleaner. A talented person, a fresh young mind with experience at all levels of Major League Baseball — and with Chicago roots to boot. Nevermind she'd be the first female GM in all of professional sports; what's not to like on her list of qualifications not related to her gender?

I don't claim to have any sway in the Cubs blogosphere whatsoever, but for a fan base with little to cheer for or care about I think this fits as something worth promoting. Hook me up with a Facebook share, retweet, Google +1, whatever, and let's see if we can't generate some steam behind this.

Fire Jim Hendry! Hire Kim Ng!

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  • We talked on Twitter about it, but I'd rather see the next Cubs GM come from either the Rays or Red Sox -- or maybe the Yankees or Athletics. Ng would make, especially given her MLB FO experience, a better team president in my estimation.

    The GM is responsible for building the supporting team of scouts and analysts, and I feel like her experience (mostly from the Dodgers) will not have equipped her to do any better than the present GM.

  • How about this scenario. Hahn from the White Sox as GM. He is a cub fan growing up. Kim Ng as President or Vice- President under Gillick for 2 yrs when he retires. She lives in the Windy City. Bring in Ryno as Manager. I think thats a winning combination. Send Hendry, Bush, Quade, & Riggins packing. Ryno might keep Jaramillo. The current group has no leadership or discipline. We should be looking at top statistical prospects in september but that is not going to happen. The vets rule this team, not quade & company. Every cub fan wants "CHANGE" no matter how many more games quade wins.
    He is totally out of his league as he has been out coached in many games this season. Stupid quotes & nicknames used for elementary school kids. I hope Tom Ricketts figures it out that he was out-foxed by the good ole boy system. Imagine the managers who laughed when Quade was picked as a NL allstar game coach. That's what amazes me. Like Mike told the fans, "BRING IT ON" and thats what they are doing. I like the idea of Ng & let her learn under Gillick & Hahn for the big move. Tom, all the fans are waiting to back up the moving vans in early October & we will give you one hell of a "Cubs Convention" in january. New excitement on the Northside just because you will hopefully make the RIGHT decision for all of Cubs nation because the current regime is not doing its job.

  • Can't say I didn't love everything you wrote kingdomusa, but add rainbows and unicorns to your write up to get to the likelihood of Ricketts actually executing on any of it

  • Meh...not really a talent evaluator...not sure on the personality traits, either. Long on analytical ability/organizational skills, but maybe not the best communicator. GM is also a job about networking, salesmanship, communicating effectively with scouts...not sure she has that from what I hear.

    Personally, I prefer Ben Cherington. More of a stats guy, but he's been working hard to learn the scouting end the past few years. I think he's got a head start on Ng as far as having the all-around skills needed to be a GM. Cherington with a strong scouting director (like Wilken), sounds like a good combo to me.

  • There are a group of UofC Alumni who have been pushing to get Kim Ng hired for awhile now. I think she'd a great GM - and not just because she's a fellow Maroon.

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