Thoughts on Randy Wells?

I'm planning to write about him soon, but before I do, I wanted to collect y'all's opinions on him. Do you think his time is done, or can he contribute down the road? OPINE, BEETCHES!

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  • Late blossoming #4 starter. He slightly above average in several different areas of pitching, but does no one thing great.

    Like Jason Marquis, he's great late round fantasy pick assuming he's pitching for the 2008 Cubs or the 2004/05 Cardinals. His ERA and strikeouts will hover around league average, but will accumulate an artificially high number of wins simply due to the strength of the teams offense.

  • As far as his contributions go, I think we've seen the best Wells can offer, and it's reasonable to assume that he can continue his current (or possibly slightly better) play for the next few seasons. But trade him, or keep him, I don't think it matters much since I don't think the Cubs would get very much for him. Wells close to the end of the Cubs rotation isn't the problem. The problem is that the Cubs don't have much better in front of him, despite the fact that several are being paid to be.

  • His first 2 'full' years as a starter show a consistant and quality FIP. That has dropped off this year, likely attributable to his injury and speed at which he has recovered.

    However, I do think he is good enough to keep around at this point, considering the outright lack of starting pitching this team has, and the fact that he can make a team ground balls all day.

    He's definately not untouchable though, and has the potential to truly flourish on a strong defensive team. Just look at the Pirates pitching staff, and the respective ERA's they've put up.

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