My current guess for the 2012 Cubs' starting 3B is...

...Aramis Ramirez.



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  • I hope a .300, 37HR Aramis Ramirez

  • Sure I'll buy that, but I hope not. This team NEEDS a rebuild. In the absolute worst way. Aramis has rebuilt his value to the point where the Cubs can trade him for value, and I hope that they do. It's better to trade a guy too early than too late. While I've loved having Ramirez on the team, he will not be an integral part of the next championship caliber team, which means he ought to be moved.

  • Maybe it's the scotch I had an hour ago, but Alex Gordon just popped in my head. Just wrote a piece on whether the Cubs should pursue him in a trade and what it might take...

    So today I'm going with Alex Gordon. Tomorrow it will be Ryan Flaherty, or maybe David Wright.

  • Hope not, looking for some new blood

  • Jeff Baker or Ryan Flaherty

    If they can't trade Aramis because of his no trade clause or they can't get value back in trade they need to hang on to him until the season ends and buy out his team option. Ramirez will be a Class A free agent and some team will pick him up next year. The team will get a 1st round pick and a sandwich pick when he sign else where and that may be the best value we get in return as he leaves.

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