It is time for me to vent about the 2011 Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are dead last in the major leagues at stealing bases.

At drawing walks.  At batting average with runners on third with less than two outs.

At fielding percentage.  At committing errors, by a wide margin.

At issuing walks.  At WHIP.  At runs given up.  At earned runs given up.  In fact, in nearly every conceivable split category, they have given up the most runs.

Somehow, they are not last in ERA, they are next to last.  Must have played more innings than someone else.

Of course, they are next to last in losses.

Alfonso Soriano is too old and frail to play every day anymore.  Marlon Byrd is a nice fourth outfielder.  Kosuke Fukudome should have done the honorable thing and retired two years ago, he does not belong in the league.  Reed Johnson is a nice backup outfielder, except we already have Byrd.  Tony Campana is not a major league outfielder.

Aramis Ramirez cannot play third base anymore.  Carlos Pena shouldn't be a Cub, because they cannot afford the luxury of a .220 hitter in a run-producing position.  Blake DeWitt is a mediocre pinch hitter, and an even worse infielder.  Jeff Baker is the epitome of 'replacement player'.  Starlin Castro is not a big-league shortstop, at least not yet, and the losing is beginning to rub off on his approach to his at bats.  Darwin Barney is a fine utility infielder.

Koyie Hill has never been a big league catcher.  Geo Soto, in his good years, is an above average catcher. This is not one of his good years.

Ryan Dempster is a third pitcher.  Matt Garza is a fourth pitcher.  Carlos Zambrano needs a change of scenery, desperately.  Randy Wells should not be in this league anymore.   Do I need to say it about Ramon Ortiz and Rodrigo Lopez?  Andrew Cashner is Kerry Wood Part Two, in terms of his fraility, if not his achievements.

As for Kerry Wood, Part One, he does not belong in the league anymore.  Neither does John Grabow.  Jeff Samardzija is not a big league pitcher.  Neither is Jeff Russell.  And Carlos Marmol is in one of his funks, where he stops concentrating, and needs some time getting himself straight, except he is being paid as the closer, and since the rest of the bullpen sucks, except for Sean Marshall, Marmol must pitch in key situations, which helps nobody but the opposing hitters.

Man for man, this is the worst roster in baseball, which is not new in my lifetime, except they are also one of the highest paid rosters in the game.

Yet the man who built this mess is allowed to continue his employment, and until Jim Hendry is removed, and until Crane (Can't Do) Kenney is removed, then I have no choice but to assume: that the owners of the team don't care that their team president can't figure out how to get  their own baseball network, can't figure out how to get the money to renovate and expand Wrigley Field, which will improve the experience for both fans and prospective players.  The owners do not care that they have a man in charge of their competitive enterprise that cannot judge talent and has no persuasive skills except to overpay and write in ridiculous, crippling clauses into contracts.

The Chicago Cubs do not care about you, fans.  Why in hell should we care about them?




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