Your Top Ten Cubs Revealed!

You've submitted your votes. Here are the results:

1. Castro
2. Marmol
3. Zambrano
4. Soto
5. Garza
6. Dempster
7. Barney
8. Marshall
9. Soriano
10. Pena
Honorable Mention: Byrd, Ramirez, Fukudome, Cashner, Wells, Jackson
Tomorrow, I'll post my own list. But first, some comments on your comments:
- I think Matt Garza is the most talented pitcher on this team. It may not show in his win-loss record, and it doesn't help that he was injured recently, but the guy has great stuff, and has really benefitted from the switch from AL East to NL Central. Look at that K-rate: 75 in 66 IP! I'll have him ahead of both Z and Marmol in my rankings.
- It's interesting; I was about to ask: "Who would you rather have at the plate in the bottom of the ninth in a tie game with a runner on second and two outs: Barney, Pena, or Aramis?" The point was to try to show that Pena and Aramis are clearly better, but actually, considering the need for a hit of any kind in that situation, I think the answer might be Barney. But on a related note, who would you rather have up with two outs and a man on first? or nobody on? It's an interesting topic.
- I think Byrd is better than Soriano. That's all I'll say on the matter for now.
How does this list look? Do you agree with the masses? Who's too high, or too low?
Tomorrow: my list!

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  • Geovany Soto is terrible. He doesn't even belong on this list. Neither does Soriano. They are essentially the same type of hitter. They both are good for a single every four at-bats, but only if there's no one on base, and a home run every now and then in a meaningless spot. Soto is just another Scott Servais or Damian Miller -- only both of them called a much better game behind the plate. To not have Byrd on the list is a travesty. He's one of the only veterans on the team with any heart whatsoever. Fukudome should be there too. Afterall, he's been more productive than Pena. But then again, we all had such high expectations for Kosuke, so it's hard to not feel a little cheated.

  • In reply to GDarkow:

    Totally agree that Byrd should be way higher. But I think you might be underrating Soto. You're right that he's not the world's best with the bat, but at his position he's arguably a top five hitter.

    I also agree that this list underrates Kosuke, but I think Pena has him beat. The Fuk gets on base at a high clip, but Pena does too (despite the low average even), plus Pena has tremendous power.

  • In reply to ajwalsh08:

    Soriano should not be on the top ten, and Soto should be lower. He plays a tough position, and he has not been utilized well at all this year. But that does not excuse his miserable batting average

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