Ricketts broke the cardinal rule of General Managers

Z is right; couldn't be more right, and Quade is weak.

This weekend has absolutely left me shell-shocked, and I am sure I am not alone, huh?

Marmol has blown two wins in the past week.  The Cubs could have certainly used either win, if not both.  Zambrano had something to say about it today, and although once again he is being childish and selfish, it is real hard to argue with him.

Nevertheless, now the finger pointing has started in public, and what does Mike Quade say?

"His teammates will deal with him".

So, what exactly are we paying YOU for, skip?  It sure isn't your sage decision-making late in games.  It isn't for your daring lineup cards, or your preparation in putting the right people in positions to succeed.  It isn't for your quick learning curve; it takes you several instances to see things it takes all of us one or two times to spot, like Marlon Byrd not being a third hitter, or James Russell is not a major league starter.

It isn't for your inspiring, constructive meetings.  Every time you conduct one of those, the boys go out and fall flat on their faces.

Look, let me make one thing clear: I am not in the "Ryno-camp".  I never thought Ryne Sandberg would ever be given a chance to manage the Cubs, and I think management should have been upfront with him all along.  Instead, they milked him like the cash cow he was, riding him all the way up to the point that he expected the keys to the barn.  I never thought Ryno was the answer, either.  I was always a Girardi man, myself, and I still am.

I understand that Quade had a great 6 weeks last year, and since Hendry was given the opportunity to hire him, he did.  It could not possibly have turned out any worse than it has.  Quade sucks as a manager in the big leagues; at least he does in Chicago.

But he isn't the problem.

The problem is that the owners of the Cubs allowed Jim Hendry to stick around to hire him in the first place.  Most GMs are only allowed to hire 2 managers without winning a title.  If the GM in question hasn't found what he needs after the tenure of 2 managers, then his owner fires him and brings in another regime.

Of course, Tom Ricketts has been too busy playing day trader, swilling Old Styles on weekends in the bleachers, and otherwise sucking on daddy's money teats to learn this simple golden rule of baseball management.  Quade sucks, because Hendry was allowed to hire him, and Hendry sucks, but he's still here, so we, the fans, are dealing with some very embarrassing baseball.

If you have to face any Cardinal fans tomorrow at work, please, know you have my sympathies and prayers.  You should not have to be placed in this position, and by 'position', I mean bent over, grabbing your ankles while Cletus Nation is buggering you and slobbering on your neck.  I'm going somewhere for the next three days, and I'm not reading a newspaper, watching any TV, or coming out here.  I need a break from shitty Cubs baseball.

Thanks, Tom Ricketts, for being a stupid-ass Chad, and standing around with your thumb up your hole while a whole nation of Cub fans gets pantsed day after day after day.  Go back to your highrise, and think up some other crap you can give away on Thursdays. Maybe some of those stupid looking "10" caps. That's all you're good for.

Just don't suspend Zambrano.  He's simple, he doesn't know how not to tell the truth.


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  • The problem is, and has been Jim Hendry and Crane (I refuse to say his whole name because he doesn't deserve it). Now, we'll add Tom Ricketts and the rest of the clan. This is a sorry excuse for a "team". I'm tired of hoping that things will change. I'm afraid they never will. But hey, we still have Wrigley. *groan*

  • I feel like this season has been one really long Tom Rickroll(etts.)I knew this season was going to be a waste. I just didn't think they would be fighting to stay out of last place.

  • Its OK the CUBS just picked up Joan Baez in the draft! obviously things are turning around now we will at least have folk music to hug each other a console us after poohole and everyone else in the NL makes us there bitch. Oh wait that was javier baez, shit no folk music just a high school kid. Great! we waste our picks on someone that could be a star 6-7 years from now. the future looks bright obviuosly the cubs are planning on losing castro in the future. i mean great lets get a high school infielder there's not a million of those out there. i mean our picthing staff couldn't use any help or anything right? WTF is wrong with this management and ownership? i say we take em to the shed and pull an old yeller, and while we are at it can we throw in woody and samarzdja... i hate them all. This team has made me second guess the last 25 years of my life which i've spent as a faithful Cubs fan. Please give me hope or feed me some kool aid from a metal vat!

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