These Cubs sure can score runs!

The Cubs are fifth in all of Major League Baseball in runs scored so far in May. Only the Red Sox, Yankees, Reds, and Cardinals have scored more.

And how do you score runs? Well, by getting on base and knocking them in, of course! Indeed, the Cubs are third in MLB in on-base percentage in May, with a .344 team rate. But they're also 2nd to last in walks, with just 53 across the team. Third in OBP, 2nd-from-last in walks... a funny combination, if ya ask me.
That just shows you how great the Cubs have been at hitting for average lately. They're 2nd in the league in May with a .282 mark; only the Boston Red Sox are better, at .293 (holy crap the Red Sox are hitting .293 as a team in the month of May?). And most teams are hitting between .240 and .265, so that shows you that the Cubs are not only better than average, but significantly so.
The team is eighth in slugging, but that's sort of misleading because of how high its average is. When you look at isolated slugging -- again, slugging percentage minus batting average, which shows a team's ability to hit for extra bases more specifically -- the team is down in the bottom third, at 8th-from-last.
Another offensive note: the Cubs have stolen four bases so far this month. Only the Braves have fewer steals, with just three. The Rangers have 27.

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