Some Cub facts

This team can hit, and is 3rd in MLB in average. 

This team has awful timing, and aside from Soriano lacks power; despite the great number of hits the team is just 25th in runs. 
This team might be preparing for a roster shake-up. Soto's groin injury has convinced the organization to put Wellington Castillo on a plane to the North Side, and I have a feeling he'll be put onto the 25-man roster one way or another - either by DLing Soto, or by sending a non-catcher position player down to Iowa.
If Soto is deemed healthy enough to avoid the DL, I propose Tyler Colvin be sent down to Iowa. I think he's actually shown minor improvements in his approach at the plate in the limited playing time he's received, and the power is absolutely still there -- he's one of just a handful of Cubs with more than one homer. But I think he's getting unlucky when it comes to making solid contact -- this is a game of inches, of course -- and could use some time in Triple-A to get right.
I'm excited about the opportunity to have a look at Wellington Castillo in a major league game. He looks like he could be a pretty solid hitter.
Cubs need to win tonight to avoid the sweep. Garcia vs. Coleman tomorrow will be a tough game to win. 


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