Monday Morning News Blitz

Welcome to a new feature here at GROTA. Every Monday morning, I will blitz through the stories from the three major Cub publications (The Tribune, Daily Herald and The Sun-Times). We will look at what trends are going on, and see what our beat writers think, while providing some commentary.


Now it's time to dive into the blitz.

Chicago Sun-Times

After a terrible start the 4-game series on Thursday, the Cubs had a chance to take the series, but Carlos Pena's game-winning home run just missed thanks to Justin Upton, according to Gordan Wittenmeyer.

The Cubs are 12-15 in large part because the Cubs are not hitting well with runner's in scoring position. Wittenmeyer does bring up an interesting fact that only two teams have more hits than the Cubs, but 20 teams have score more runs.

Yes, hitting with RISP is important, but so is hitting for extra bases. It looked like the Cubs would do this after a few early doubles, but they failed to come up with the big hits. In other news, Wittenmeyer rubs it in that Todd Wellemeyer could be throwing for the Cubs right now if he wasn't hurt.

Daily Herald

With Bruce Miles on travel restrictions for the second straight year all the Herald has is a stock AP story about the Cubs losing.A few comments about this:

1. Can't we trade Miles for another writer that gets to write all the time? I find his writing the most informative, while being able to have some solid criticism.

2. If that is not possible, the Herald needs to hire a free-lancer to spice up the AP content. After four years of reading these stories at the newspapers I worked for, I'm pretty sure anybody could write them. The really read like Mad Libs. Just fill in the blanks, file the story and enjoy the free treats in the pressbox.  FYI: I'm available for the Atlanta Series.

Chicago Tribune

Just like Chicago's other paper, Paul Sullivan takes a jab at Carlos Pena's near winner. One thing amazes me in the day and age. It is how these stories are almost the same. Do I really need three stories about Pena's miss? The question becomes is do we still all these people covering the same team?  Every now and then we get some groundbreaking stuff, but for the most part it is the same gamers I can read 10 minutes after the game from the AP.

I would really like to know how newspaper writing was like 50 years ago before the internet and reporters were always trying to upstate one another. Well, I guess I'll never know.

Until next week, keep a look out for interesting stories and send them my way.

Free Bruce Miles!


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