Monday Morning News-Blitz

The News-Blitz is a quick run through the metro papers to see what our favorite writers are writing about our favorite team. We will look for trends and what-not to help figure out the problems of the world, while trying to keep our sanity.

Currrent Standings:

Cubs 15-18, 4 Games back of the St. Louis Cardinals. Guess who's coming to town?


Now onto the Blitz, where we will tackle Starlin Castro and Ryan Theriot's return to Wrigley.

The Daily Herald

With the Cubs at home, that means Bruce Miles can actually talk to somebody in person for a change, rather than through telagraph, email or whatever form of communication he uses. Mr. Miles tells us that Starlin Castro is still slumping, and the offense was the problem in Sunday's 2-0 loss.

Anytime the offense doesn't score it will be a problem for a team, yet I agree that the Cubs need Castro to be more patient at the plate. He looks like he is trying to blast his way out of this slump. Anybody who thought he would just excel all season was fooling themselves. He's still very young, and will have many more slumps before it is all said and done.

The Tribune

Ah, Ryan Theriot makes his way back to Wrigley for the first time since going the Cardinals, or as he put it, "the right side."  

Shockingly, I've never been a professional athlete, but I'm pretty sure that I know not to tick off thousands of people you've played in front of for years. I always liked Theriot, even though he did make mistakes just like all of us. There are better ways to handle yourself in a profession fueled by fans. Lets role-play for a minute:

Radio Host from St. Louis: So, Ryan, talk about becoming a Cardinal after being a Cub for so long.

Theriot: It was a shock to be traded for the second time. I've been in the middle of the sport's greatest rivarly for so long, I'm just happy to be back playing in the NL Central.

STL Radio: Are there any mixed emotions?

Theriot: It's hard after all these years to move accross a division, but when you are a profession you just put the uniform on and play as hard as you can. I just want to help the Cardinals win.

STL Radio: Thanks Ryan.

Theriot: You are welcome.

See, not really that hard. You play hard for your team, while staying classy in the minds of Cub fans. I guarantee that if Albert Pujals takes all the Ricketts' Family Money, he will not tick off all the St. Louis fans by saying he's on the right side.  

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