Louie Montana is a Cub? And why do we care about Brian Schlitter again?

Some Cubs are hurt. Who are they?
Matt Garza was recently placed on the disabled list with an elbow contusion, which I believe is another word for bone bruise. His DL stint will be backdated, meaning he'll only need to miss one additional start beyond his scheduled appearance this Saturday. But with this team who knows how long he'll be out.
His Saturday start will be taken over by Randy Wells, who is scheduled to come off the DL, where he has been since April 5. Doug Davis will continue to fill in the spot Wells used to occupy, until Garza returns to full health.
Jeff Baker is apparently "OK," according to the Twitters, but is not starting in tonight's game, even though the Cubs are facing the Mets' Jonathan Niese, a left-handed starting pitcher. Baker is available to pinch hit, though, apparently.
Marlon Byrd has multiple facial fractures, and will be out for an indefinite period of time. Reed Johnson took over in center field this evening, and the Cubs added former first-round pick Lou Montanez to add outfield depth at the major league level. What's more, Montanez is starting against Jon Niese tonight, due to his greater-than-.500 batting average against LHP at Iowa.
Andrew Cashner is back to square one with his shoulder rehab, and the earliest he'll be up is in July. Casey Coleman is the Cubs' fifth starter while Cashner is out.
Geovany Soto is slated to begin rehabbing in AA this week, and is expected to be reactivated on Saturday.
Brian Schiltter has been moved to the 60-Day DL. Who cares? Well, the move was necessary to make room on the 40-man roster for Montanez. If you don't understand how the 25- and 40-man rosters work for major league teams and want to know more, please comment on this post and I'll do my best to explain in my response.
Here's a question: Is it fair to blame Jim Hendry for how terrible this team is based on how straight-up unlucky we've been on the injury front? Again, let us know in the comments.

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  • I like the essay prompt, A.J. Short answer: No, this mess isn't Cruller Jim's fault. That said, he so richly deserves to be fired based on recent personnel decisions that I will dance in the streets if another sub .500 season in 2011 costs him his job.

  • In reply to sep484:

    Did you see the Bruce Levine comment in a recent chat that claimed Hendry did NOT sign Alfonso Soriano? Apparently upper management did it while Jim was on a plane? Interesting stuff.

    But Alf aside, what particularly recent personnel decisions are not happy with?

  • In reply to ajwalsh08:

    Yeah I've seen that Soriano probably was Crane Kenney's fault. He should also be fired. I didn't like the Jacque Jones signing, I didn't like the trade for Juan Pierre, I didn't like Jason Marquis contract, I was sickened by the John Grabow extension, I was sickened again by the AAron Miles signing, and while this is probably a minor point, I continue to be baffled by Koyie Hill's death grip on his job with this team. The MB/Silva the Hutt catastrophe is a post in and of itself. Jimbo dug a huge hole with big money contracts to older ballplayers, and has dug in his heels when what is clearly needed is a total overhaul and rebuild. He needs to go. He needed to go several seasons ago.

  • In reply to sep484:

    I never had a issue with them signing Soriano, but I did have a major issue with them giving a 30 year old with limited defensive skills an 8 year contract when no other teams in their right minds would come close to matching the offer! They bid against themselves... AGAIN! Jason Marquis was an expensive deal but he did prove highly valuable as the best 5th starter in all of baseball during the regular season. However that is a completely useless advantage in the post season when you never use a 5th starter. Which just proved they could have used the millions they gave to Marquis to a better front line starter who they actually could have used against the D-bags or Dodgers. They built talent wise a slightly above average rotation that was long on arms.

  • In reply to neuman35:

    That's how this team will be remembered: a lot of slightly-above-average players, each being paid like an All-Star.

  • In reply to sep484:

    It's not quite fair to blame Donut Jim for this, but we ca safely blame him for the Milton Bradley/Carlos Silva fiasco. If that's not enough to get him fired, I don't know what is.

    That being said, I'd love to see this comment regarding Hendry not being the one to sign Soriano. That would be really interesting.

    The thing about Hendry is that he has trouble with one of the most important jobs he has, acquiring good young talent. He got next to nothing in the Ted Lilly trade (except dumping Theriot. That was genius).

    I'd also like to remind everyone that the Rich Harden trade looked like a steal for a while, but Josh Donaldson is starting to make it look a lot better from the A's standpoint.

  • In reply to Chief:

    I actually liked the Milton Bradley signing at the time. I thought he was a solid hitter that could be had for a reasonable price. Then Jim went and signed him to a three-year deal. Blech... but then he got the Mariners to pay most of that money, plus we got a non-worthless starting pitcher back (see first half of 2010 stats for Carlos Silva). So actually I think the Bradley/Silva thing is far from the worst thing Hendry's ever done.

    The fact is, it's really really hard to trade for elite young talent, especially when you're a big-market team. Remember which team got which player in the Josh Beckett-for-Hanley Ramirez deal? The Red Sox' best young players are those they drafted themselves: Papelbon, Bard, Pedroia, Buchholz, Ellsbury, Youkilis, Lowrie. And then they use their surplus young talent to acquire established veterans, like Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez.

    The Cubs are starting to do this: Marmol, Marshall, dare I mention Jeff Samardzija?, Wells, Cashner, obviously Carlos Zambrano, Soto, Barney, Colvin, and the great Starlin Castro are recent Cub products. We've used surplus talent to make a trade for Matt Garza (although whether the talent was actually "surplus" remains to be seen), and there are a few highly-rated prospects down in our system, like Trey McNutt and Brett Jackson in particular.

    This next offseason is a really, really big one. It'll be interesting to see who the Cubs have starting as of September 1, and it'll be more interesting to see who's starting at first base on April 1, 2012. I wonder who will get to make those decisions.

  • In reply to Chief:

    Lets not forget the Michael Wuertz trade. We got two guys who were never heard from again for one of the best right handed relievers in all of baseball over the past 6 seasons...

  • In reply to neuman35:

    I agree that Wuertz was mishandled, but maybe "one of the best right handed relievers in all of baseball" is a bit much. =) Still, point taken!

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