How can the Cubs benefit from the Buster Posey mishap?

UPDATE: obviously someone agreed with me, because we are now the proud owners of one Rodrigo Lopez, who is God knows how old, and was bad last year, but was doing very well for the Braves' AAA affiliate.  I like him better than Doug Davis, and sure as hell feel better about him instead of Casey "never knew exactly what they ever saw in you" Coleman.

Len and Bob had to vamp a little today while the Cubs groundskeepers left the tarp on until 1:30 for some unexplained reason, since it isn't raining any softer now than it has all day.  So at one point WGN showed the home-plate collision where Buster Posey (last year's Rookie of the Year) had his ankle rended asunder.  Posey is out for months; probably at his stage of development, just ought to start working towards next year.  Terrible accident, that.

Then Len said the incident led to two questions, and neither of them were the question I had on MY mind.  For the record, Len wants to know if MLB will legislate home plate collisions from baseball.  Well, big guy, Pete Rose ended Ray Fosse's career in an All-Star Game, for chrissakes, and nobody saw fit to eliminate the play.  I don't think they are going to start drawing a circle around the plate, like they do under the basket in the NBA, where contact is not allowed.

No, the question I have means a lot more to our ballclub.  The Giants have some of the best pitching in the business, and no starting catcher.  We have, presumably, two catchers capable of hitting MLB pitching, although Quade has not seen fit to use Wellington Castillo at all during Geo Soto's DL stay.  And, incidentally, our pitching sucks. 

Might we try to use one of our catchers to pry some pitching away from the deep Giants' staff during their "time of need"?  If I were the GM, I would have been calling the minute they carried Posey off the field. 

I love you, Len Kasper, but we don't give a fig if they remove home plate collisions.  But we ARE sick of watching puds like Casey Coleman and Justin Berg give up 7 runs in 2 innings with a 30 MPH wind blowing IN from left field.  Jim Hendry's greatest sin as a GM the past 9 years is holding on to his so-called "prospects" too long, until they rot on the vine.  In the instance where one of them is any good, like Starlin Castro, the player will make it clear.  Otherwise, feel free to use them to trade for someone who might help us.


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  • I like the idea, Rob. I just don't know what we'd get in return for Castillo. No idea how opposing teams see Castillo, but he hasn't seen many major league plate appearances. Plus, whether fair to Castillo or not, the Cubs haven't shown a lot of faith in him by sticking with Koyie Hill.

  • In reply to sep484:

    Castillo had a nice last month of the season, followed by a monster Cactus League. I'm not thinking the Giants would give us The Freak, but I'm thinking their top starting prospect would be better than Casey Coleman

  • In reply to sep484:

    Here's the thing that worries me about Castillo's trade value...when two teams who know a lot about talent evaluation, Texas and Tampa, came calling about acquiring a catching prospect, they both wanted Robinson Chirinos -- not Castillo. Texas wouldn't even give us Chris Davis for Castillo. Most teams seem to view him as a backup prospect.

    In my opinion, if a contending team like the Giants were looking for a catcher, they'd want an experienced veteran who could hold the fort and learn the pitching staff quickly rather than a questionable prospect that still needs a lot of development.

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