Wells, Cash to DL; Now What?

The good news is Andrew Cashner's arm is not completely destroyed. The bad news is, both he and Randy Wells (...wait, what?) are headed to the 15-day disabled list.

I actually consider this news to be pretty easy to stomach. Of course it'll hurt the team's record in April, and it's always unfortunate to have two starters go down at the same time. But I'm glad there isn't a tear in Cashner's shoulder. 
So where does this leave us? The Cubs have a good number of off days scheduled for the next few weeks, so let's try to see how our remaining healthy starters (all three of them, good God) can be used over the 15 days:

Apr. 6: Demp
Apr. 7: OFF 
Apr. 8: Z 
Apr. 9: Garz
Apr. 10: Probably Casey Coleman (That's one for CC)
Apr. 11: Demp
Apr. 12: Maybe Thomas Diamond? (One for 7th starter)
Apr. 13: Z
Apr. 14: OFF
Apr. 15: Garz
Apr. 16: Demp
Apr. 17: Coleman (2 for CC)
Apr. 18: Z
Apr. 19: Diamond (2 for 7th)
Apr. 20: Garz
Apr. 21: OFF
Apr. 22: Demp
Apr. 23: Z
Apr. 24: Coleman (3 for CC)
Apr. 25: Garza
Apr. 26: Diamond (his third)
Apr. 27: Demp
So that's the next three weeks for ya. Yuck.
Of course, things get interesting quickly if Z's hand cramping issues persist. I also wonder if this means the Cubs will keep Shark and Mateo on the major league roster a bit longer than they normally would.
Huzzah! Go Cubs!


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  • I bet you to it, but you actually provided INSIGHT! :)

  • #notfirst

  • I just hope these 2 are okay they are the best hope for our staff's future at the moment and I'm really looking forward to seeing them develop this season...beats cursing jim hendry's name every time fons does something boneheaded at least

  • We're boned.

  • Wasn't really paying attention but what'd jay jackson do this spring? I'd kinda rather see him in cashner's slot than diamond

  • Jay's not even on the Iowa roster. He's in Mesa building up arm strength, according to BCB.

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