The Exhaustive List of things the 2011 Cubs are doing well

The Exhaustive List of things the 2011 Cubs are doing well

Here is a complete list of things the Chicago Cubs are doing well so far this 2011 season.  If you do not see something on here, that means it is not being done well, or to the best of the team's or individual player's ability.

  • Starlin Castro is hitting well.
  • Darwin Barney and Jeff Baker are hitting well.
  • Aramis Ramirez is hitting decently.
  • Alfonso Soriano is hitting home runs.
  • Marlon Byrd is hitting singles.
  • Sean Marshall, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Marmol have all had one bad outing, but, otherwise are pitching well.
  • Randy Wells pitched well, then turned up lame.
  • Andrew Cashner pitched well, then turned up lame.  He did, however, lay down a bunt.
  • Carlos Zambrano is hitting well.
  • Um...Marcos Mateo is doing okay, too?  I'm really trying, here...

One notable absence is any mention of fielding prowess.  That simply has not happened except for one running catch by Kosuke Fukudome,   Of course, he hurt himself in the process. Geo Soto threw out a few runners, I suppose.

So, we have decent production from two spots,  passable production from three other spots, and the back of the pen has been okay.  Thus, we are a .500 team against four of the worst teams in the NL. 

It is not quite the annual "Rob is Disgusted With the Cubs" rant.  It is far too soon to piss on the fire and call off the hunt, and outside of a questionable quote by Matt Garza and a misguided case of Red Ass by Byrd after he misinterpreted a steal sign, nothing the Cubs have said or done off the field has upset me.  But this team must play much better if there is any hope of catching the Reds, and perhaps more importantly, they must play better if there is any chance of them being entertaining and exciting to watch all summer.



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  • I would add:

    - Starlin Castro is fielding well
    - Ryan Dempster has been pitching well enough - up until the 110th pitch of each of his starts.

    OK that's all I've got.

  • Yeh a few positives now the Cubs are talkin bout trading Barney? WTF? I like the kid lets hope this is crap. Of course our Cubs being what they are we'll trade him and end up with shite!

  • Only the Cubs can take an American league East stud bring him over to the weaker National league and watch him Implode.

  • In reply to Madisoncubaholic:

    Garza's FIP last season was 4.42. He benefited from playing in front of an elite defense and in a home ballpark that suppresses power production. He is not, and never has been an ace starting pitcher. That's why the trade was so indefensible at the time. The Cubs got a slightly above average, arbitration eligible pitcher for 3 of their top 10 prospects (and apparent folk hero Sam Fuld.) If even one of those prospects pans out, Jim Hendry set this team back. Even if they don't, Garza isn't an appreciable improvement over Tom Gorzellany, and he's more expensive. The only way this works out in the Cubs favor is if Garza reinvents himself as a pitcher at 27. I find that to be highly unlikely. Fire Hendry.

  • In reply to Madisoncubaholic:

    Come back at the end of July and see how many of these observations remain true.

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