Starting Pitching was meant to carry the Cubs early this season

Remember way back when, all the way back to March, when we all realized the lineup was not set up to produce a lot of runs in cold weather (aka When The Wind Blows In At Wrigley).  I figured a staff full of sinkerballers and Matt Garza would thrive early on; in fact, I figured our lowball pitchers would pitch better than their lowball pitchers for the first two months of 2011.  I figured we might start strong; then perhaps when the Earth warmed and everyone's big strokers finally started putting up numbers, that perhaps THEN we would fall behind.
Well, it seems we just skipped right past the Cubs Starters Dominance part and got right to the Everyone Else in the League is Kicking Our Teeth In part.
And, thus, with two of our starters stuck in PriorLand (aka the DL) for what seems to be an inordinate amount of time for what sounded like some little owies (didn't guys used to come back after 15 short days from "sore forearms"?)  Plus, our new prized off season acquisition hasn't won a game yet; our very expensive human nitro funny car hasn't pitched very well, and our so-called dependable rock has an ERA near TEN??  Our vaunted minor league pitching stockpile has nothing to offer in terms of aid; some old stopgap names like Ramon Ortiz and Todd Wellemeyer are floating aloft in Cub Limbo, and to top it all off, we have a new pitching coach that nobody knows who might just be blameless in this whole deal, but then again, he might be the whole problem with all of this, and do you know what I have been wondering for the past week?
Where in the hell is Special Assistant Greg Maddux in all of this? 
When the Pitching Meanies are terrorizing the poor citizens of Metropolis, and Superman happens to have a title, along with presumably a cell phone, laptop, and GPS?  I know he has a family and loves golf more than life itself, but?
Ain't he being paid by the Cubs to help in such matters?  We are, now, officially in a Cubs Pitching Crisis, and honestly, the powers that be OUGHT to be in panic mode right now!  This pitching staff, as comprised and based on its performance so far in 2011, may not allow us to win SIXTY games this year, and that is even considering the back of our bullpen, which is stellar!  So, where IS Superman?  Where's his world-class pitching acumen?
Where is the urgency here?  I need to see it right now.  This team sucks, but so does our division.  We have a new-ish owner, new manager, new pitching coach, and a GM who ought to be fighting for his life.  If the owner doesn't expect more than he is getting from his on-field product so far...why should we?
Not exactly the best plan to get the Cubs Buzz back, to put asses back in the stands, eh, Tommy?


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  • Here is their plan for putting asses in the seats:,0,5164751.story.

  • Eddie, I heard about that on the radio today. Totally pathetic. Not surprising, that Tom Ricketts is trying to relive the good old days in the bleachers. I swear to God that's all he cares about - Are They Having A Good Time In The Bleachers Like I Did When I Was A Chad?

  • In reply to rletterly:

    How stupid is this organization? I mean I am all for lowering the ludacrisly high beer prices but I'm thinking the Bleachers are NOT the first place I would lower the prices at. Lower it in the grandstands for the real fans that come to actually watch the game and take score. You sure as hell can't do that very well in the bleachers with "biggest Cubbie fan" Chad behind you calling pitches for the pitcher and giving his two cents on how "we would be so much better off with Theriot at SS instead of this Castro, he SUCKS!"

    I was fortunate enough growing up that my dad was able to score good tickets in the grandstand from time to time; however, I was always curious as to how watching a game would be like from the bleachers in Wrigley. I got that chance last year and once this year already. I can tell you one thing, aside from the potential to catch a ball, not for me. There are so many Chads and Trixies out there how in the hell can any true baseball fan follow the game? IF/When the Cubs are losing, its damn near impossible to get back into it especailly with a product like this on the field.

  • In reply to rletterly:

    Jesus...does Carlos Pena ever suck

  • In reply to rletterly:

    Demp having his worst month ever since becoming a starter + Wells on DL (you'll all recall he was my pick to lead this staff this season) + Cashner DL + Silva peacing out = disaster. No way around it.

  • In reply to rletterly:

    Two strong pitching performances in a row. Of course Casey "Replacement Level" Coleman goes tomorrow. We might need to score more than 5 times to take this series.

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