Seeing all of the flaws (and none of the flaws)

I love our blogging concept.  After all, we offer you a bit of everything - the occasional whacked out image (I'm going to start churning those out again, I think), a dash of wry optimism, a sprinkle of bold cynicism, a load of caustic realism.  We have it all.  Thus, hot on the heels of Rob's Cubs Sux post, here I am to provide you some of that fair balance that so many of the media lack...

Wikipedia: Uch or Uch Sharif is located in 75 km from Bahawalpur in Bahawalpur District, South Punjab, Pakistan Uch is an important historical city, being founded by Alexander the Great. ยป ...well, fine, I am want to agree with him.  Sorry about the build up.

But here's the thing: Rob is right about many of his views on the roster.  The stars are old.  The talent is... well, kind of not talented.  There are players on the roster who belong on a bus outta town.  The Cubs, in other words, are flawed.  
It kind of reminds me of a recent discussion I had with a work colleague.  He's a huge fan of the Canadiens, and as the playoffs started he rattled off a long list of reasons why they'd be unlikely to advance.  I pointed out, however, something that he hadn't noticed...
It is a true fan who only sees his team's faults and their opponent's virtues.  As certainly as he was running off a list of reasons as to why Montreal was in for a tough fight, surely there was a fan in Boston who was pulling his hair out over how flawed his team was.
So are the Cubs flawed?  Hell yes.  Are the Cardinals better?  Hell no.  There is no standout team in the NL Central.  No squad was masterfully built by some baseball genius.  No team is perfect - or even all that good, for that matter.
Perhaps it is no consolation to Rob, or the legion of nay-sayers out there, to know that the eventual NL Central playoff team will have arrived in October more likely from having been the Last Team Standing, as opposed to the Best Team Leading.  But here's the other thing that I know Rob often forgets or simply ignores...
It's rarely the best team that wins the playoffs.  Rather, it's the luckiest team.  
So here's my point, for you to take away with you.  The Cubs may or may not finish the year at the top of the NL Central.  This is hardly a goal worth bragging about, since no team appears to be particularly good.  The Cubs may reach the playoffs, despite the fact that they are old and kind of suck.  Once there, they might get swept in 3 games, again, accomplishing nothing, again.  Or they might get lucky.
In the end, "getting lucky" is really all any team can hope for...
Oh, and the Canadiens?  They're a game away from elimination.  Maybe my work colleague was right.  But my point is not mooted, even if he is.  

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