Demp's start today is actually a pretty big deal.

Today is Stream of Consciousness Bullet Points Day! Haven't you heard of this?

  • The last time the Cubs got a quality start from a member of their rotation was on April 4 -- nearly two weeks ago! -- when Randy Wells held the Diamondbacks to one run over six innings. And then he strained his forearm. 
  • In 14 games this season, the Cubs have three quality starts (again, that's six or more innings pitched with three or fewer earned runs allowed by the starter): Wells' aforementioned performance, Matt Garza's April 3 start, and Carlos Zambrano's April 2 start. (To his credit, Casey Coleman was within one liner off his shin of getting his own QS.)
  • That means the only guy left to get his is the team's Opening Day starter, Mr. Ryan Dempster -- he of the 67% quality start percentage in 2010. 
  • Demp has gotten close a couple times, but hasn't managed to get those last few outs when Quade decides to leave him in for the 7th. We'll see what happens today.
  • Quality start aside, the Cubs should win today, as they face Alan Johnson. In his last two years of pitching -- both at AAA -- his ERA was somewhere in the range of 5.70. Of course, the Cubs have a history of playing poorly against crappyish righties making their major league debuts. So we'll see.
To summarize in a way that addresses this post's titular claim: this team needs a QS, Demp needs a QS, and we need to beat Alan Johnson, so we can get back above .500 as we head home to face Orlando Hudson, Brad Hawpe, and... some other guys that call themselves "Padres."
Go Cubs!


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  • Demp has allowed 4 homers this season. 3 of them have come after his 100th pitch of the game. So lets see if Quade has learned his lesson yet and whether he will take Dempster out before he tires and makes a mistake.

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    You don't say? I feel like I've read that somewhere...

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