Cubs Recap: Demp pummeled by Pirates


Apparently this is the only picture of Starlin we have on file. I sort of don't care.

Pirates 1, Cubs 0. Nobody wanted it to be this way, but here we are. How did it happen?
Well, the Cubs outhit the opposition today. And they managed to avoid committing any errors. The problem was, all of their hits -- yes, all 11 of them -- were singles, while the Pirates managed three doubles and two homers, one with one man on and the other with the bases loaded.
The other issue -- well, I'll let you guess what the other issue was, based on this fact: Today's pitchers were Dempster, Russell, Grabow, and Samardzija. 
You got it! The problem was walks! Actually, they issued seven of them, giving the Pirates more total base runners than the Cubs on the day.
Four walks plus six hits plus two home runs from Dempster equals not his best day ever, to say the least. He made Kevin Freakin' Correia -- 2 ER, 3 K, 1 BB, 6 IP -- look good.
But fear not, Cub fans, we do have at least one good player on our team, and that is Starlin Castro. Three hits, two runs, and a fantastic catch-turned-into-a-double-play made for one complete performance. Other Cubs with multiple hits were Fukudome, Aramis, and Darwin Barney.
Oh well, 0-and-1. Better luck tomorrow, eh? 


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  • Cubs are well on their way to making another mediocre pitcher look like Cy Young.

  • They have truly mastered that art haven't they.

  • This is just a bad offense. Marlon Byrd hitting third? Not in a halfway decent lineup.

  • Easy now; I think the power will show up when the weather heats up. Byrd is a fine hitter.

  • I'm not ripping Byrd. He is a fine hitter. A .334 career wOBA guy, to be exact. Almost perfectly average. Perfectly average hitters aren't installed in the #3 slot in a good offense.

  • I guess Fuk/Baker - Castro - Aramis - Pena - Soto - Byrd - Soriano - Barney/Colvin would make you feel better?

  • I think you're missing my point. Or maybe not. It's not the order that I'm commenting on. It's the composition of the lineup. There are no great hitters in this lineup. Soto is probably the closest, and Aramis could have a rebound season, but the Cubs are going to be a below average offense because they are undermanned. Changing the order around isn't going to fix that.

  • I'm actually pretty fond of the line-up I just offered up. Soriano is overpaid, but he was still a 3-win player last year, with 24 homers and 40 doubles. And he's hitting 6/7.

    No, they're not super great, but there's plenty of opportunity for the Cub offense to be above-average this year. Then again, knowing this franchise...

  • I think you're probably bullish on Sori this year, but I could see him contributing 3 WAR. Thing is, he was worth nearly 3 WAR last season and the Cubs offense wasn't good. I only see two spots on the diamond where the hitters could overachieve their projections: SS and C. We know what we have in Byrd, Fukudome, Ramirez, Pena... Colvin maybe, but I expect to see him regress some this year because of the K's.

  • Also, for the record: I'm drinking.

  • Yes, we do know what we have in Byrd, Fuk, Rami and Pena: (albeit slightly) above average hitters! Plus Sori, plus Soto, plus Cassie. There's a gaping offensive hole at 2B against righties, but other than that...?

  • I guess you and I fundamentally disagree on those four guys. For what it's worth, I sure hope you're right. I see the Cubs losing a lot of games 4-1 this season.

  • Wait a tick: which of those four do you think is below average?

  • Any of them could be. They are all over 30 so they are on the wrong side of the aging curve. Pena especially could see a swift collapse, as he never had young man skills. I'm just pessimistic I guess.

  • Come on, it's April! We're only one game off the division lead! (Behind the Pirates omg) (Soon to be two omg)

  • By the way, I know this is out of your control, but I really miss the shout box.

  • Z left the game with cramping in his pitching hand. Was probably up late surfing for pr0n.

  • I'm gonna go with "Dragonforce on Expert." Also, I'll ask the higher-ups about live chats.

  • That would be awesome. How often do you think we'll hear the words "Pena bunts foul" this season?

  • Not many?

    Too bad we're gonna lose today!

  • Heart of the order due up. This is the last chance.

  • 3-2. Getting interesting.


  • Lights out for the Pirates. Cubs win!


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