Cubs Hope Not to Cash a Policy on Cashner

Like many of the the bloggers here at GROTA, life sometimes gets in the way of our job. Well, except for maybe A.J., man that guys is a machine. I'm actually on "Spring Break", so I don't have the time to sit in front of my computer and rant about how the Pirates took 2 of 3 when you are too busy spending an entire Saturday in AL and NL only 12-team Auctions. (Note: I scored Randy Wells for $2 and Matt Garza for $6, if you're into that thing).

Today, I actually got to watch the game, and after the jump, I will share my thoughts and impressions of the Cubs so far this season.
The Cubs moved over .500 with a victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, but it was a costly victory. Andrew Cashner, the man who banished Carlos Silva to the nearest doughnut shop, was cruising along until Mark O'Neal came trotting out of the dugout in the sixth inning. Cashner felt "shoulder tightness", which is code for panic in the Cubs blogsphere. We've all been down this road before with Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and did I say Kerry Wood? It might be minor, but I have a feeling the Cubs will play it safe and 15 DL Cash to make sure. That means Casey Coleman will probably make the roster, which isn't an upgrade.

Hopefully, I'm just reacting to the years of being beaten down by injuries, but it's never good to leave your first start with a shoulder injury. In other news, Tyler Colvin looked really good today at the plate, and ok at first base. He's got to work on balls in the dirt, but he's going to be in Right Field next year when the Cubs let Kosuke Fukudome walk to sign Albert Pujols. Colvin smacked a two-run HR today, but it was the bases loaded walk that was most impressive. I actually sent A.J. a message that read:

Of all the things that could have happened during Colvin's At Bat, a bases loaded walk was last on my list.

The Cubs did get some timely hitting today after the bullpen coughed up the lead. So, there are a few positive things happening. All in all, it's a good win for the boys in pinstripes, but I would love to see a sweep tomorrow.


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  • The Cubs will need a fifth starter on April 12 unless they want to send Z and Garza on three days rest, so they'll probably have to DL Cashner if they think he can't make his next start. It's too bad.

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