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April In Review

Record in April: 12-14Overall record: 12-14 The Cubs had what I consider to be a disappointing opening month of the season. They played 5 series’ against teams that should battle for a top 5 draft pick in the 2012 first year player draft: Pittsburgh, AZ (twice), Houston, and San Diego. For the Cubs to surprise... Read more »

Starting Pitching was meant to carry the Cubs early this season

Remember way back when, all the way back to March, when we all realized the lineup was not set up to produce a lot of runs in cold weather (aka When The Wind Blows In At Wrigley).  I figured a staff full of sinkerballers and Matt Garza would thrive early on; in fact, I figured... Read more »

Series Preview: April 28th, 2011 - Cubs vs. Diamondbacks

Overview Chicago Cubs (10-13, 2.5 games out of 1st) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (10-13, 6 games out of first) There’s something incredibly soothing about how crappy the NL Central is.  After all, were the 10-13 Cubs playing in the West, then they’d already be 6 games behind the surging Rockies (who, if you recall, just administered... Read more »

Starlin could double Pena's hits total.

Maybe this isn’t a totally remarkable statement, but I think it’s worth noting: all other factors aside, Starlin Castro could easily tally twice the number of hits that Carlos Pena does over the course of a season. This continues to be the only image of Castro we have on file, and I’m not the type... Read more »

Series Recap: Cubs 0, Rockies 1,000,000

It appears as though Colorado has earned themselves a backdoor sweep of the Cubs, with today’s game being postponed due to apocalyptic dirges.  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. What we know is this: The Cubs are closer to the basement than they are to the attic.  The team is a tepid 10-13, having surrendered... Read more »

Guess who leads NL pitchers in wins above replacement?

He has 41 strikeouts, eight unintentional walks (thus a 5 to 1 K/BB), and zero home runs allowed in his 30.2 innings pitched. He leads NL starting pitchers in wins above replacement (WAR), according to Fangraphs, tied with Roy Halladay. He is Matt Garza, 0-3 record and all. SABR-type stats are showing Garz a lot... Read more »

Series Preview: Cubs vs. Rockies

We have before us a series of epic consequences: the 10-11 Chicago Cubs do battle with the 14-7 Colorado Rockies.  If the Cubs are able to overcome the odds and can actually string together consecutive victories, then we will learn that it’s actually possible. If, however, the Cubs continue lose as often as they win,... Read more »

Seeing all of the flaws (and none of the flaws)

I love our blogging concept.  After all, we offer you a bit of everything – the occasional whacked out image (I’m going to start churning those out again, I think), a dash of wry optimism, a sprinkle of bold cynicism, a load of caustic realism.  We have it all.  Thus, hot on the heels of Rob’s Cubs... Read more »

LOL cardinals sux

I submitted to but who knows what they’ll think of it. That is all.

We have found out how good the Cubs are....not very.

We have found out how good the Cubs are....not very.
Alfonso Soriano is 35 in Dominican years, which means he is probably 38 in people years. As you all know, he makes 19 million dollars a year, which represents about a fifth of the payroll.  (Z also makes another 1/5th of the payroll, but more on that in a bit).  For his lion’s share of... Read more »