What does Carlos Silva have to do to get released?

Last year, he got off to an 8-0 start before letting the wheels completely fall off.  He was removed from a game, then kept on the DL for an extended period, for a heart condition. 

This spring, so far, he gave up 6 runs in the first inning in his first start, then came to the dugout and had the gall to complain about guys not making plays behind him.  This was so incredibly douche-tastic that normally mild-mannered/disinterested/chickenshit Aramis Ramirez said something, shoves were shoved, and the Cubs became the laughing stock of the Spring for several days.

Today, he gave up three baserunners, but no runs, in his first two innings.  Then came the third inning, and well, bad stuff done happen.

So in two spring starts, Silva the Hutt has given up 14 runs, 12 earned, in four innings.  In my day, a 27 ERA would not win you a spot in the rotation, it would not earn you a 14 million dollar contract, and it would not sit well with the rest of the team, who may be wishing at this point that the innings/reps/pitches were being given to someone who, you know, could pitch without breaking out in cold sweats.

Can we all just decide once and for all that, no matter how bad he is or how presumptuous he seems, it is still better than still having Milton Bradley?  Can't they invent some new exotic malady, say he has it, and send him home to watch Telemundo, Food Network, and reruns of "Fat Albert"? 

Honest to God, we are wasting valuable resources dealing with this fat pig.  Launch his pork chop ass, already??


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  • I agree he needs to go, but the fat comments - really?

  • In reply to mikew:

    I thought you said you were familiar with my work. Yes, I'm fat, too. But I'm not a) making 14 million bucks this year, b) publicly announcing that I deserve a spot in the Cubs' rotation, c) telling my teammates to make plays after an inning where I gave up 2 homers, or d) posting a 27 spring ERA.

    So yes, Mike, he's a fat fucking pig, and if you don't like it...

  • I can't see a way he breaks camp with the Cubs. They might try to DL him first (collect some insurance money), but my guess is that Wells and Cashner make up the back end of the rotation.

  • In reply to yarbage:

    Do the Cubs have an insurance policy on Silva?

  • In reply to yarbage:

    There is absolutely no excuse for anyone other than Cashner getting the 5th spot. He needs more time to develop, but he has a higher ceiling than about anyone else with a chance at the spot.

  • In reply to yarbage:

    I'm sure with all Silva's injury issues there has to be a insurance policy on him.

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