Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Koyie Hill


I wrote about Koyie Hill a couple weeks ago, and my stance hasn't changed. "Three-Finger" Hill is a below average catcher at the plate and the Cubs are paying him too much to back up Geovany Soto.

The Cubs paid over $800K for Hill, who really should invest wisely, because it should be the last paycheck he gets.   

It will be pretty hard for Hill to make the team according to reports. One of the reasons I saw was that all the pitchers like to throw to him. If that's really the case, then they need to get over it fast. A team should want to win, and if winning means getting a backup catcher that hit a little then so be it. When I hear things like that, it makes me cringe inside, because teams should try and put the best product on the field and not worry about the feelings of pitchers.


My guess is that Hill has some photos of Jim Hendry that were passed down from John Grabow, Milton Bradley, and LaTroy Hawkins. Hill's decent behind the plate, but I wouldn't call him great. His .552 OPS is terrible, and it isn't likely to get better any time. It will be intesting to see if the Cubs let him go if he's terrible in Spring Training this year.

The Cubs have other choices with Wellington Castillo (8-years-younger) and Max Ramirez (5-years-younger). Personally, I would go with either of those guys over Hill. Alas, we're probably stuck with him for another year.


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  • Not sure I would go Ramirez except as a third catcher. As a defensive catcher, the guy makes a good DH. Like his bat a lot'd be nice to get it on the roster somehow.

  • Two more errors from this team already today. It's only the third inning.

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