Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview - Casey Coleman

There was probably only a few people in Maryville today who were happy to see Silva the Hutt go after ARam.  Casey Coleman was probably one of them.

He was the beneficiary of some decent support in his late-season trial in 2010.  He had two very nice starts that I can remember, out of 8, which isn't so great.  He doesn't strike out a whole lot of guys, and compounds that by giving up a lot of walks.  Most of his walks were in the few miserable starts he had, though.  It is very hard when you're choking on "small sample size".

Honestly, I don't see anything really special about this guy, at all.  Much was said about his dad and granddad, both of whom pitched in the Show.  Certainly, then, he must know how to comport himself like a major leaguer.  I wonder if that is the main reason why he is here at this time.  I guess that is something that some guys must learn, and in fact, some guys never learn.  God knows we've had our share of guys who didn't know how to prepare, how to behave, and how to operate within a team.  I am assuming that C-squared does.

Other than that, honestly, I don't know what to say about him.  So let's project a little.  We got Dempster, who will barring injury be in the rotation all year.  We have Zambrano, who everyone thinks is going to win 20, but the odds are just as likely he will spend another summer in anger management.  There's Garza, who is rumored to be Zambrano Lite.  Somehow, though, I think he makes most of his starts.  There's Wells, who I believe is going to somehow make it in the rotation, but has not been offered any guarantees.

But, as variable as some of this sounds, then it gets really dicey.  I don't think I have to tell anyone about the self-assured gelatinous blob, his huge contract, and the ramifications of both.  Very few humans have any practice with wiping their rumps with $13 million.  It will be interesting to see how the organization handles him. 

Then there is Andrew Cashner, of whom we are all pulling for.  He claims he has more pitches than he has shown thus far.  He sure can make radar guns blink.  But everything seems to be flat, straight, and in the context of the league, meat.  If Cash does not show the ability to make good pitches for a few consecutive innings, then he goes to the pen, and an opportunity opens up for Coleman, pretty much by default.

I'm sorry, I feel like I'm churning here, trying to inject interest into the uninteresting.   If Randy Wells once was described (by me) as a homeless man's Greg Maddux, then Casey Coleman is a homeless man's Randy Wells. 

I'll do better next time.  Pinky swear.


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