Roster Move Thursday

By the looks of it, Reed Johnson has made the 2011 Chicago Cubs according to Paul Sullivan. There was really one other suitor  Fernando Perez, who came over in the Matt Garza trade.


Perez hasn't had a great spring, so the Cubs went with Ole Reliable Reed. Johnson is a good guy to the have in the clubhouse, but lets hope that he doesnt' see too many AB's this year.

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With Johnson making the team, the Cubs are pretty set with their posistion players. The Cubs will have to add him to the 40-man roster, which stands at 39 right now. Other cuts made yesterday were Matt Camp, Bobby Scales, Scott Moore, and Augie Ojeda.  That leaves the Cubs with 31 players in camp right now.

Three of the 31 players are catchers, so somebody's got to go home soon. The other extras are all pitchers.Rob touched on this a couple days ago, but Koyie Hill needs to start thinking about life after baseball. He's now 1 for 28 this spring. I know it's not a big deal in Spring, but we all know he's not just getting his timing down. It will be interesting to see if James Russell breaks camp as the 3rd lefty, because he is getting hammered on a regular basis in the last few days.   



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  • I got no problem with Scrappy Doo making the Opening Day roster, but it will be interesting to see if the Cubs bring up Perez later in the season as a base-runner. His speed really sets him apart from anyone else on the roster. Guess it doesn't mean much if he can't get on base, right?

    In other news, it looks like Darwin Barney surpassed Blake DeWitt on the depth chart and will be splitting time with Jeff Baker at 2B. I love Barney's defense, so I'm all in favor of this move. Glad to see the organization, which has been frustratingly self-conscious about adding lefties to the batting order, pick a solid glove over handedness.

  • Sullivan (@PWSullivan) just tweeted that Wells has officially been named the 4th starter. Also, Shark, Cashner and Russell have made the team, leaving one spot left for Silva, Looper, Mateo or Coleman.

  • I'm shocked Russell has already made the team. He's been hit hard. I wonder what Cashner's role is going to be? Mateo has looked good, but I hope it's not Silva.

  • Silva didn't make the roster!!! Silva didn't make the roster!!! The Cubs didn't lie to us for once!!!!!

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