Readers' Blog: Deja Vu All Over Again

Haven't we seen this one before?  A pitcher named Carlos unhappy with the result of an inning gets into it with his teammates.  It being spring training and all, something like this should be a non issue.  However, it's our Cubs we're talking about.  We can't let anything go.  We're still talking about Jose Cardenal waking up in the morning with his eyes stuck shut for God sake.

So, *ding* let the speculation begin!
Aram dropped the popup because he likes seeing that vein stick out in Silva's neck.
Silva was only showing Carlos Pena how it's done.
Dempster slipped Silva too many "go" pills.
Fukudome put wasabi in Silva's jockstrap.
Randy Wells played "Achy Breaky Heart" one too many times.
Severe Gatorade withdrawl.
Silva heard Gary Pressey is refusing to play Guantanamera when he comes to bat.
Mom always liked Zambrano best.
Yes, it's only spring training but we're already in mid season form.
Yogi would be proud boys...

Nothing like a pre-fight photo.



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