Jim Hendry sends Silva the Hutt packing!

Hell, right now I am so damn happy that I will overlook the fact that Koyie Hill is still around!

Rumors and Tweets were starting to churn yesterday that Jim Hendry did the right thing and picked his pitchers based on performance, not by owed salary.  Many including myself were skeptical of the reports from so-called business executives who were reporting that Andrew Cashner had in fact made the rotation for the Cubs, and that Carlos Silva, his fat gut, his fatter contract, and his fattest sense of entitlement would be disposed of by any means necessary.

The rumors are true!  Chicagoland, you no longer need to hide your Little Debbies and your Ho-Hos.  Silva the Hutt has left the building!

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Of course I am pleased; I have been begging for this all winter.  It must have been a good idea - because while I have received plenty o' guff for many of the things I have wanted over the years, nobody felt the impulse to argue with me that Carlos Silva deserved a spot on this team.

If the 2011 Cubs were to follow the "happy path", meaning everything was bound to go right for them, with absolutely no wrong (in other words, baseball in a vacuum), then Carlos Silva would be your fifth starter.  He is the third highest paid pitcher on the team, and out of the starters on our staff, he has the third-most wins, all time.  So in a vacuum, he should earn his large salary, pitch 220+ innings, with an ERA under 4, and win 16-17 games.  That would allow Cashner to work his way gradually onto the club in a relief role, in our vacuum-baseball world.

Of course, life doesn't work that way.  Since Silva signed his massive contract three years ago, he posted a good half-season with us, and we didn't even initiate his deal - that was Seattle.  He did absolutely nothing for them in two years - in fact, the good people of Seattle were more than happy to welcome Milton Bradley (repeat that: welcome. Milton. Bradley.) in exchange for him.  And even after his good first half with us, the following occurred: a) his second half started brutally; b) he was forced to leave a game, then go on the DL, basically because he was out of shape; c) come right out this spring with the expectation that the Cubs owed him a spot in the rotation; d) posted a 13 ERA; e) insisted that he was still owed a spot in the rotation, and f) when he was offered a spot in the organization, he refused a minor league assignment, and he ripped the new pitching coach on the way out.

Obviously, Carlos Silva is a bad pitcher, and an even worse human being.  If I were being paid 56 million dollars, I would get myself in shape.  It takes a special level of self-absorption to feel as if he deserved to be paid more money than any ten of us will make in our entire lives, combined, without having to work at it whatsoever.

It was the biggest no-brainer on Planet Earth to get rid of the fat slob, and congratulations to Jim Hendry for having the guts to do the right thing, money be damned!!  Essentially, he is admitting the mistake he made in the Bradley signing, and I guess this is a sign of the influence and power he has that the Ricketts are allowing this salary dump. 


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  • If it were based on performance as you say, how does the guy with the lowest WHIP among Cub starters last year (1.27) get cut loose so they can award the spot to the kid with the 1.56 WHIP? Silva went 9-3 for the Cubs with a 3.45 ERA in 17 starts before the AS game and his health limited him to four starts after the break. I'm not sure how that justifies all the disparaging remarks I've already read. You say he's a "bad pitcher and an even worse human being" but I'm guessing you've never even met him. Cubs brass has once again gained fan support for making what may very well turn out to be a yet another poor decision, as a result of another poor decision in signing Milton Bradley.

  • The 'even worse human being' bit was in poor taste, Rob. I'm thrilled at the Cubs making a forward looking decision (for once) but the Silva hatred in this article goes beyond "you're bad and being paid a lot to suck for my favorite team." Dial it back a smidge?

  • In reply to sep484:

    Looks like a couple of guys who are a1) not familiar with what we do here or a2) do not approve with what we do here, but are certainly b) anally PC.

    It is safe to say that a man who is paid 48 million dollars to perform a physical task, and then does not take care of himself physically, is not a good man. It is also safe to say that a man who never blames himself for his own problems, picks fights with teammates, and accuses everyone else around him of lying, is not a good man.

    You both can get over yourselves. OK?

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