I for one am not diggin' the way Mike Quade is handling his team

I for one am not diggin' the way Mike Quade is handling his team

14 errors in four games.  A churlish fatass has all winter long to consider how to get guys out, and in his first opportunity gives up two long bombs and six runs in the first inning, and has the temerity to go back to the dugout and bitch about it?  In four games, the Cubs have sent out not only their supposed major league starters, but many of their so-called top prospects, and only won once?  Fourteen errors, once again, over a month's worth of miscues in four measly games. Fielders aren't fielding, pitchers aren't getting guys out, and hitters aren't hitting, and perhaps most damaging of all, self-entitled fatasses are shoving guys in the dugout for God and Sully to see?

And....what does the new manager think of all this?  The guy who Jim Hendry would rather have had than anyone else?  What does he think of Spring Training 2011? 

Sigh.  Well, after the jump, find out exactly what Baldy McGrindy thinks about the Spring so far...
Mike Quade has been thrilled with the way camp has gone. 

Oh, if you read the article, you'll read some rhetoric about how the team 'needs to wake up', and 'he likes piss and vinegar'.  Words.  Just talk.  Absolutely nothing in there about him actually standing up and, like, doing something about it.

"Well," you may yelp, "you don't know what he's doing behind the scenes!"

Yes, we do.  He's not doing dick about anything.

This day and age?  If a guy in charge even THINKS about taking some drastic action, one of the seventy-two beat writers, tv guys, radio mopes, or annoying bloggers will find out about it, plaster it on Twitter, and we'd all know 20 minutes before it even happened. 

Fact is, I am afraid this is what you need to expect from a "non-celebrity" manager.  Perhaps Quade felt as if he had nothing to lose last fall in his interim role, so maybe he rode some butts a little.  But now, that he has for the first time in his career, a lucrative contract to try to complete, he is not going to do anything to bring attention to himself.

Therefore, you basically have a nobody, purportedly in charge of a bunch of self-proclaimed somebodies, who feel they have the right to do so because each one individually make more money than a small European nation.  Or a good-sized Asian nation. 

Aramis Ramirez is making 14 million dollars this year, and has been making that kind of coin for several years now.  That kind of financial commitment by his employer, solely based on the immenseness of it, gives him a great deal of autonomy on how he conducts his business.  In plain English, the millionaire dares the new guy to bench him for loafing after ground balls, because he knows it ain't ever gonna happen.  And if he didn't know it before yesterday, he does now.

Because, he and his teammates have made 14 errors in four games, and nobody is being forced to be accountable.  And, if that wasn't bad enough, his big fat teammate with the runaway ego just made himself look like a complete ass, and nothing is being done about that, either. 

In a sane world, what do you do when a man makes the kind of money that Silva does, after lying around for most of a summer with a heart condition, then comes back in his first outing and gives up 6 runs before he can get three outs, and has the gall to pick a fight with a teammate???   What do you do?  You pack his fat ass into the cargo hold of the next southbound freighter. 

Not here, not Ricketts, not Hendry, and not Quade.  Here, we're "thrilled" about camp.  Man is in danger of losing his team.  Hell, Zambrano hasn't had a bad inning , yet.  Wait until THAT happens.


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  • Outside of cutting Silva (which would be just fine with me, but I'm not writing the checks), what do you suggest the Cubs do? The Cubs aren't this bad defensively, as no team is this bad defensively. Don't worry about the pitching - pitchers are trying things out and working on building arm strength right now. Garza didn't throw a single breaking ball in his first appearance earlier this week. I guess what I'm saying is, outside of the Fail Whale's childish bullshit making the Cubs look bad, none of this matters one bit. We are 4 games into the ST season. Lets at least allow Quade enough rope to hang himself. If this shit is still happening in July, I'll be with you. I don't care at all in March.

  • For the record, there was apparently a team meeting held, so Quade is at least attempting to appear to do something. And it seems to have worked -- only one error through 5 innings today!

  • Good to see that the real Rob is back!

    Meanwhile, here's what other people have to say about Mike Quade...


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