Calling all Readers' Bloggers

Editor's Note: Once or twice a month, you'll probably see one of these pop up here on GROTA....

About a month ago, I posted an open invitation to our readers to join us and start blogging on the ChicagoNow Network.  So far, half a dozen or so have responded with awesome posts that I have been proud to slap the GROTA name onto.
In between the first invitation and now, perhaps half a dozen people sent me EMails requesting to join up.  If you are one of these people, please accept my apologies for not getting back to you - between several fairly significant (non-baseball related) writing projects, my wife and I began to move into our new house.  Keeping up with correspondence has been a little lackluster on my part.
So - I'm asking you to contact me again.  If you want to blog on GROTA, simply shoot me an EMail at kurt (at) goatriders (dot) org.  Include your ChicagoNow login, your EMail address associated with the login, and if you wish to expedite matters you could always try to slip a crisp $100 in there too.  (Just kidding.)

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