Assessing The Cubs' Losses Post-Bradley and Silva

Carlos Silva has officially been released, multiple outlets are reporting. With his departure, we can now holistically assess the total amount of value the Cubs received from the contract offered to Milton Bradley prior to the 2009 season.

Yes, it's sort of ridiculous how Milton Bradley somehow managed to make Z look calm and balanced in comparison. But that didn't preclude the mercurial (or maybe batshit crazy?) hitter from putting up positive value in his one season with the Cubs. Over his 124 games played for the team, Bradley contributed 1.1 wins above replacement in value, according to Fangraphs. The site says that was worth $5 million.
Carlos Silva sucked this spring, but in the first half of last season he was actually pretty great. He won 10 games prior to going down with a heart issue. Fangraphs says his pitching was worth 2.1 WAR, or $8.6 million. 
5 + 8.6 = 13.6. The Cubs paid MB $5 million in 2009, plus a $1.3 million signing bonus. And they will have paid Silva $16 million by the end of this year -- $11.5M minus $3.5M (paid by Seattle) in 2010, plus $11.5M minus $5.5M (again paid by SEA) in 2011, plus $2 million buyout in 2012. 
Put it all together: that's $22.3 million for $13.6 million in value. 
In a word: Whoops!


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  • Everyone thought I was crazy last year when I said the Cubs should trade Silva when he was hot. Someone had to believe he was worth a try even if the Cubs paid a portion of that salary. Of course, fans would have wanted Ricketts head if Silva went on to win the Cy Young.

    Just my view from section 527.


  • Not everyone, Kman! I would have traded him! I'm with you, buddy

  • I agree, I was saying "Sell high!" at the time because it just seemed impossible that Silva was going to keep it up. But I bet a lot of GM's were thinking the same way and once Silva started having health issues nobody wanted him anyway. Imagine trying to explain to your fan base why you traded a prospect for that bum?

    Even though Silva bottomed out, the Cubs got a good half out of him which was more than the Cubs or Mariners got out of Bradley.

    But hey, it's all over now and I thought your analysis using WAR was an interesting way to look at it. It's a new year and the Cubbies might be better than everyone thinks. Career years all around. Go Cubs!

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