2011 Mega Spring Traning Preview: Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall was always like an itch you couldn't scratch. That sweeping curveball ball always looked good, but it was bug you from time to time when it wouldn't find the zone.

Marshall and Carlos Marmol's 2010 would have been even nicer if the Cubs
were actually winning. Imagine if they Cubs didn't have those two guys?
Talking about an ugly finish.
Join after the jump to see if Marshall can repeat his success next year.

Marshall had always flirted with a success, but the Cubs seemed to jerk him around too much. He's a starter, he's in Iowa, no he's a starter again, no wait he's a starter, well, maybe's he's a bullpen guy.

The tall lefty was unreal last year after the Cubs finally gave him a defined role with the club. He had almost had 11 K's per 9 innings, and only walked about three per 9. To say he was good was an understatement. He stuck out 90 in 74 innings. Can he reproduce those numbers again?

According to Bill James, Marshall is far more likely to regress back to his career numbers of around 7 K's per 9 innings. He also thinks his ERA will go up over a run per game. While projections are just that, I tend to agree that Marshall is probably not as good as he showed in 2010. I hope I'm wrong. The one thing that the Marshall should have going for him is that Kerry Wood is back and should take a little of the pressure off this year on the need for Marshall to be as good.

It's hard to take Spring Training seriously sometimes, but Marshall has struggled a little bit so far. That could be a number of things, but it does give us something to worry about possibly. What do you guys think? Marshall earns his new contract or does Jim Hendry end up regretting locking Marshall up?

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