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To quote Carrie Muskat: 

"Randy Wells, in the mix for one of the openings in the rotation, makes his first start Monday." (emphasis added)

To which I say: Are you serious right now??
No, he's not an ace. But Randy Wells is a solid, solid pitcher, as good a bet as any in the National League to give you 180 innings of 4.00 ERA baseball. 
Put another way, he is without question a better candidate for the rotation than: Carlos Silva, Andrew Cashner, Sean Marshall, or James Russell. He shouldn't be a part of any "mix," and if the Cubs choose Carlos Silva to start over him then I will be totally flabbergasted. THAT'S RIGHT, FLABBERGASTED!
Wells did appear to have some issues pitching from the stretch at times last year; again, he's not an ace. But he has above-average control, and forces many opposing batters into groundouts, which limits the number of home runs he gives up.
Two things will be true if Wells doesn't make the rotation as of Opening Day: 1) the man will have had a terrible, terrible spring, and 2) the Cubs will not be using their pitchers in an optimal way.
Note: Wells gets the ball in today's spring training game against the Brewers, scheduled for 2:05 p.m. CST. The live thread I tried for yesterday crashed and burned, so if you have something to say about today's game feel free to share it in the comments on this post. I'll be around!

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  • I'm here with you, A.J. 7-2 double play, Colvin thrown out at the plate. Boy do I HATE that. I'm listening to the Pat and Keith show for the first time this year. Gonna take some getting used to.

    Also, it would be infuriating if the Cubs took Wells out of the rotation for the Fail Whale, but would that really surprise you? This is a dumb organization. This is the organization that put Zambrano in the bullpen not one year ago. This is the organization that insists Matt Garza is one of the top 15 pitchers in MLB. I think it would be completely in character for them to shove Wells into the bullpen where he will have less value.

  • It's the Eddie and AJ show!

    Gotta send Colvin there; it's early, test Braun! And yes, Pat and Keith are gonna take some getting used to; Pat's doing his best to lob some softballs over to Keith but the man's just not swinging. They'll get better over the course of the season though, and on his own Keith is providing some solid commentary.

    And you are absolutely right, there would be nothing surprising about Wells being moved to the 'pen for James Russell after a wild spring.

  • I don't think I'll mind the change. Moreland just noted that Cashner "is not using the breaking ball right now. He's only using the fastball." That's useful information, and it mitigates the ugly inning he's put together. It's also the kind of information that Ronnie just wasn't capable of volunteering. I continue to love Santo, but it'll be nice to get useful info from the color man from time to time.

  • Cruller Jim in the booth!!! SKEWER HIM, PATRICK!!!!

  • Ok now this is really interesting. It sounds like Keith is handling play by play in the 5th inning, while Pat adds the color. I assumed it was Pat's "break inning" when he didn't begin talking at the start of the inning, but he's definitely in the booth. Wonder if they are working on things in Spring Training just as the players are...

  • I'm sure there's some working out of the kinks going on. But who knows, might Moreland and Kerry Wood end up partnering down the road??

  • Also, wow, really, not enough errors in the first two games of spring training. I mean, six? A bit much, even in exhibition!

  • I sure hope not. I like Moreland (he was my favorite candidate for the open seat in the booth), but Pat Hughes is a master. I hope he stays on for a long time yet. The on air chemistry is gonna take some time too.

    How'd you like those softball questions from Hughes to Jimbo? Pat is the consummate 'company man.'

  • Yeah seriously Pat is the master. Make room for Kerry elsewhere.

    Actually I had to turn the radio off a minute ago; can I get an example of a Jim question? Wait, let me guess: "Are you excited for the 2011 season?"

  • "Do you sense that there is more excitement in the clubhouse this year?"


  • "Actually Pat, you know what, it's not excitement, it's bloodlust. Carlos Pena in particular has basically been on a murderous rampage since he arrived here in Mesa, and he's managed to get to both James Russell and Augie Ojeda with his jackknife. We're doing what we can to keep things calm around here, but I'm not sure this group of individuals can be in the same room together for more than a minute at a time. Does that answer your question?"

  • "To be honest, this team knows it isn't very good. Pena is a mercenary and is only here to increase his value in 2011 free agency. Garza didn't choose to come to Chicago, and he'd rather still be pitching for a pennant contender. Silva, Fukudome and Samardzija are just collecting paychecks until we cut them for cheaper, better ballplayers. It's a Frankenstein's monster of mediocre youth and overpaid veterans. But hey, Kerry Wood!"

  • Lenny Dykstra's kid is named "Cutter." Little known fact: His mom is Sarah Palin.

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