Spring Training 2011 Mega-Preview: John Grabow

Ah, John Grabow. My mother always taught me to only say nice things about a person, and to keep quiet if I didn't have anything positive to say. 
Well, that makes it tough to talk about Mr. Grabow. The only good thing I can truly say is that Grabow will be in his final year as a Cub after his contract runs out this year. FYI, he's making 4.7 Million this season according to baseball-reference.com. 

Grabow has been a non-factor in his first two years with the Cubs. His trade in 2009 was a last ditch effort to make the playoffs. You know your team isn't really going for"it" when they trade for Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny. 

Last season was a disaster for Grabow. Apparently, his knee was the issue and that caused him to give up HR after HR in crucial situations, yet Lou kepttrotting him out there with his 7.36 ERA. Finally, he was put on the DL and was never seen from again. Yet, he's back again and many people believe he will make the roster again this year because of his hefty salary. At this point, if he's no better than any of the replacement player guys, then it's time to eat his money and go with somebody else. 
Hew will probably make the team, and maybe he will prove me wrong. This is just another example of why not to give big FA deals to relievers. He's going to make 7.5 million with the Cubs and end up with a negative value. 

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