Not surprisingly, Caleb is a Cubs fan

Not surprisingly, Caleb is a Cubs fan

I finally got around to watching the pilot for Fox's new drama "The Chicago Code." It was, as expected, like most other cop shows. It's set in a big city, people die, and no one smiles. Some viewers hated it, some loved it. I was mostly apathetic. 

Like an exhibit at the zoo, I appreciated the attempt to make the surroundings seem as natural as possible for the inhabitants, but the whole thing was painfully fake, even the "wild" animals.
This effect was only exacerbated when the characters engaged in gut-wrenchingly stereotypical baseball banter. 
The protagonist, Detective Jarek Wysocki, is a White Sox fan in every way possible. He has a name you can't spell from memory and a holier-than-thou attitude. He communicates flawlessly with minorities, because, as you know, all Cubs fans are relentlessly racist. He's cheating on his current fiancee with his ex-wife and he seems a world apart from his teenage son. Naturally, he hates everything, except Chicago and making other people feel miserable about being themselves.
By comparison, Wysocki's new partner is a young, naive detective who is just happy to be along for the ride. His name is Caleb Evers, which sounds like a name no one over the age of 30 should be allowed to have. Caleb is cautiously optimistic yet seems to have no idea what he's doing at any given time. He constantly probes Wysocki about hot babes and rock bands, blissfully unaware of the dangers that surround him. Not surprisingly, Caleb is a Cubs fan.
While Wysocki chides Evers for being a yuppie North Sider, the duo rides around the city's west and south neighborhoods arresting poor people and removing dead bodies from the street (which they lovingly refer to as "speed bumps"). I'll ignore the hypocritical symbolism and move on to my point: this is how the outside world see us. 
Fox had a chance to show its national audience a different Chicago, a real Chicago. They could have spotlighted the true diversity of this town (beyond skin and social class) and the  people who swim through the streets like the blood through our veins. Instead, they made every Chicagoan a Wysocki or an Evers.
To them, we're just a bunch of Polacks yelling at frat boys.
Jeff Samardzioajsajsdoa has been told that he will be competing for a bullpen position with the Cubs this spring. Some have suggested that the Shark, who auditioned for a rotation spot last spring, will benefit from a defined role in the bullpen since he won't feel as much pressure to develop a third pitch to complement his fastball and fasterball.
Fox will broadcast at least nine Cubs game as part of their "Game of the Week" lineup for the 2011 season, including a July 2 game versus the White Sox at Wrigley. No word yet on whether Fox will temporary replace BP with "The Chicago Code" as the title sponsor for the Crosstown Cup. 
The Boston Red Sox began registration for a random lottery to purchase tickets for the upcoming Cubs-Red Sox series in late May. I already got my ticket, AJ lives in Boston and I believe Yarbage is also making the trek to Fenway. GROTA gathering anyone?

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  • Kyle how do you have a ticket!!!

    Thanks for the lottery heads up, I just registered. I am gonna pull every frikkin' string I can find to try to get a pair of seats at one of these games...

  • In reply to ajwalsh08:

    Ve have our vays, AJ.

  • Sox fans holier than thou? Give me a huge break. We might be unkempt, uneducated and uncouth, but we are NOT holier than thou.

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    So what you're saying is, you're a White Sox fan?

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    As a White Sox fan, I can confirm that we cheat on our finances with our ex-wives all the time.

    Correcting typos, now THAT is holier than thou.

    I guess this is a good opportunity to say welcome aboard to the new CN Cubs blog, so far I've enjoyed the snark.

  • In reply to jfegan:

    Crap. Must...correct...typo...

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    The real White Sox fans I know aren't holier-than-thou, but I feel this stereotype has been perpetuated. So...I'm with you?

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    I'd go to Boston to see the Cubs... gonna enter into that lottery. Thanks for the heads up!

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    On that particular weekend, #1 son is graduating from Illinois, and #2 son is graduating from HS. I don't think I will be going East

  • In reply to rletterly:

    I graduated from Illinois...twice. You wouldn't be missing much. And I assume "HS" means ham sandwich. About time your son upgraded to roast beef.

  • In reply to chipramsey:

    Graduation or Cubs in Boston? You should pose the questions to the boys and see if they would rather walk or take a family vacation. Just kidding, somewhat.

  • AJ, don't worry. I will hook you up. I have a good feeling. I find out any day now once Mike reports to Spring Training.

  • In reply to yarbage:

    Sounds good to me buddy boy! But no pressure, I'll keep workin' the lines just in case.

  • That being said, we should have a GROTA gathering. I'm bringing the wife for our "anniversary." Man, I have a great woman, who lets me drag her to all these ballparks.

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