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One thing we do at GROTA that separates us from the other blogs out there is that we have discovered a surefire method of producing content for minimal effort.

We let you do it.  
It works out pretty well.  Cub fans are a passionate bunch.  We have strong opinions on things that mere mortals would think is ridiculous.  How many people in the world care about the 5th outfielder on a team that's not even likely to reach the playoffs this year?  That is dedication.  
One of the selling points of coming over to Chicago Now is that we can continue the tradition of publishing Readers' Blogs.  Except this time, everything which gets published will be on the main page, viewable to thousands.  If this sounds like something which appeals to you, here's what you need to do...

First of all, double check your spelling and your grammar.  If you post a 1,000 word entry in one massive paragraph of text, and it's riddled with typos and other mistakes, I probably won't publish it.  I don't mean to come off as condescending, and I don't want you to not try.  If you do wind up writing a blog post that makes my brain go numb, I'll probably EMail you and ask you to revise it a bit.  After all, this is Goat Riders of the Mutha' Lovin' Apocalypse.  We're all about quality up in this hizzzouse!  

Ahem.  (Sorry.  Not my fault.  I've got pneumonia.)  
Second.  Either post a comment in this thread requesting permission, or EMail me at kjsevans (at) gmail (dot) com.  Note the "js" in there.  Somehow people keep screwing up my EMail address, and I have received several extremely cranky EMails from a lady with a similar EMail address who lives in England.  It was all fun and games until a bank officer sent her the information on my house mortgage.  Now it's just frustrating.
Third.  I will send your EMail address to my bossman, and he'll get it set up.  You'll be given Contributer status.  Being a contributor means that you can make a post, but not publish it.  That's where I step in - I, or one of the other Full Time Goat Riders, can swoop in and publish it once we're certain it meets our, uh, extremely "high" standards.
If this sounds appealing to you, let us know.  We'll remind you again every once in a while about how to do this, so give it some thought.

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  • I actualy emailed the English Lady once, she was none to happy. The problem was I using my work email, because our internet was done. She basically told me that if this matter was important enough, I should know Kurt's email by heart. Well, I would've, but gmail has been keeping track of these things for me for years. Damn you, Google!

  • So all I need to do is post a comment to request permission? Well then... Comment?

  • Sounds like fun. Request permission to share my "great" thoughts. And I promise to spell correctly...

  • I probably wouldn't be much with that mortgage situation...or really anything practical for that matter. I would, however, appreciate the opportunity to share my semi-coherent views on the dreaded 12-man pitching staff, the viability of using a second base platoon, and just how awesome Sean Marshall is. Ya know, the IMPORTANT stuff.

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