Calling the GROTA Army

Dear Goat Readers:

We seldom ask for much from you.  (In fact, it's been what, four years since that time we got you to TP the house of Phil Rogers?)  Most commonly, our requests are of minimal effort.  "Share your views," we beg.  "Don't throw batteries at Milton Bradley," we plead.  "Only oranges."  So you know that in the few times we ask a favor, it's only for the important stuff, like that time we had you repeatedly drunk dial Dave Kaplan during his show.
So here's the deal - we need you to help a fellow blogger - a Pittsburgh blog called Sean's Ramblings is having a contest to determine the best Pirates blog.
I know, they're the Pirates.  We're Cubs fans.  It's only natural for there to be some disdain on either side - after all, one of the top players of one of these teams was one of the biggest steroid cheats of the last 20 years.  ...ahem.
Anyway, ignoring our inherent rivalry, Rum Bunter is an awesome Pirates blog that's run by some kick ass Pirate fans who work tirelessly to redefine the term "fanatical," and they need our votes to help overcome the #2 seed in their bracket, the vile Where Have You Gone ? Andy Van Slyke.  I don't want to be starting any rumors, or whatever, but I've heard that the WHYGAVS blogger doesn't even live in Pittsburgh!  Who does he think he's fooling?
Therefore, go vote for Rum Bunter!  They're in the #2 contest in the Jerome Lane Division.  Do this one solid for us.  And do it... do it for Harry Caray.  Or something.  Whatever it takes to get you to the polls!

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