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Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Tyler Colvin

Check out the script on the header image there: “Should make the team.” Well done, Kurt. I agree that Tyler Colvin should make the 2011 Chicago Cubs’ major league team headed out of spring. But should he start every day? What about every other day? Maybe all night games played between Monday morning and Friday... Read more »

What does the Mets' starting center fielder have to do with the Cubs?

Answer: everything. But to have known that, I guess you’d have to be able to identify the man starting at the 8-spot for New York’s NL team. And no, it’s not Carlos Beltran. Multiple outlets are reporting that the Mets have announced a change to their starting defensive unit: the aforementioned Beltran will be shifted... Read more »

Thoughts on Randy Wells

To quote Carrie Muskat:  “Randy Wells, in the mix for one of the openings in the rotation, makes his first start Monday.” (emphasis added) To which I say: Are you serious right now?? No, he’s not an ace. But Randy Wells is a solid, solid pitcher, as good a bet as any in the National... Read more »

Cubs Live! vs. Oakland Athletics, Feb. 27 (Spring Training)

RHP Carlos Zambrano (0.00 ERA, 0-0) vs. RHP Trevor Cahill (0.00 ERA, 0-0) 2:05 p.m. CST Cubs Spring Training is here! We probably won’t do this for every game — or maybe we will. But I thought I’d throw up a forum for folks to contribute comments during the first Chicago Cubs Spring Training game of... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Jeff Samardzija

Editor’s note: forgive me for the lateness of this.  It was due yesterday, which I spent at my new house painting the ever-loving crap out of the bedroom walls.  Sorry! A few years back, Jeff Samardzija was a pretty interesting prospect.  The long-haired Cub fan who gave up a career of head traumas for the... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega-Preview: John Grabow

Ah, John Grabow. My mother always taught me to only say nice things about a person, and to keep quiet if I didn’t have anything positive to say.  Well, that makes it tough to talk about Mr. Grabow. The only good thing I can truly say is that Grabow will be in his final year... Read more »

Do Not Refresh - Why I Am Optimistic About the 2011 Cubs

Do Not Refresh - Why I Am Optimistic About the 2011 Cubs
For the newbies: please realize, first of all, that before the 2003 season, the season in which we were five outs away from winning the NL pennant, I came out here and complained.  Not only did I think we had no chance winning in the first year under a new manager, but the bullpen looked... Read more »

I'd cap that: Cubs spring training captions

I'd cap that: Cubs spring training captions
Spring training is here, which means there are a bunch of photos with players working out in beautiful weather while we suffer through what remains of winter. Sigh. Here’s a look at Cubs camp with some more realistic captions.

How would you set the line-up for the Cubs?

Mike Quade told the public today how he’d be filling out the first line-up card of spring training. Here’s his first shot: Kosuke Fukudome, RF Starlin Castro, SS Marlon Byrd, CF Aramis Ramirez, 3B Carlos Pena, 1B Alfonso Soriano, LF Geovany Soto, C Blake DeWitt, 2B Does that work for you? What changes would you... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega-Preview: Fernando Perez

  Fernando Perez is awfully entertaining.  Maybe you’ve heard he has his own tumblr.  If not, check it out.  Have you seen any of his videos on Youtube?  Check this one out, it’s my favorite.  If his name isn’t familiar to you, it’s because he was one of the other players the Cubs got in... Read more »