If Only We Could be Addicted to Love


You know the song and the lyrics of a tune that Robert Palmer made famous.  Can you hear the hook of the song rattling through your brain?

However, how I heard the phrase, "addicted to love,"  tonight was not accompanied by music.  It was a cry for those that can no longer cry.

I went to a memorial for a young man whose father and mother are souls I have been blessed to know.  The dear soul that they lost was their son.  I could truly feel the pain because I too lost my son to an insidious diseased that can for many remain - UNBROKEN.

I was asked by the parents if I might say something at the memorial, since I knew firsthand the loss of a child way too soon.

The problem in America is that we have too many young men and young women dying at epidemic proportions.  The factor is so critical that the life expectancy rate in the U.S. for the first time in years is actually in free fall - not good if you're a proud American.  Climate Change has come to ravage longevity in America and it's not a Chinese Hoax.

Wake up America because the problem you once designated as that afflicting the lower caste (yes, we do have a CASTE system in America); BUT not something that would hit home where the good people live.  So what happened?   Is it a plague of locusts, vermin, cockroaches or the Walking Dead?  Because the good people are inundated with a swarm of addicts on their streets abated only by NARCON, providing their children are LUCKY!

Now everyone no matter their creed, color, economic status, level of intelligence, and more minutia are targets of a health care system that has been indoctrinated to dispense pills for any kind of pain, stressful condition, sugar imbalance, and even sexual dysfunction...that runs quite the gamut...wouldn't you say?

What we can do to attempt to address a dire state of affairs is to take away the stigma for a disease known as addiction.  And here's the crazy part - some addictions are not as bad as others.  An alcohol addiction is no where near as bad in perception as a drug addiction.  Why?  Because we can always point to some drunk uncle that we loved and really could his problem have been all that bad?

But a STIGMA is a stigma no matter how CAPPED or small the letters might appear on the electronic page.  That's what we need to watch!  Because if we could figure how to treat the problem as a disease rather than a chance to rack up another felony on the crime reports, we might have some hope.  The kind of hope that the Portugal government invested in those with the disease of addiction; a place that figured out it was smarter to treat someone by making their sin of neglect to themselves a non-criminal offense that warranted treatment rather than incarceration with the opportunity to garner career educational instruction making their resurrection that much more memorable.

Addiction is being in DENIAL.   And yet why must I ask how an  epidemic  snuffing out the lives of 120 Americans each day fails to make the smell test for  National Emergency status?  That's truly a non-partisan question since the majority of Americans from either side of the aisle want the courts to turn to treatment due to the high costs of incarceration and offsetting the redundancy of recidivism.

That's why it was a comfort to hear tonight one woman share with all of us her advice.  "We all need to be addicted to love...for our addicted loved ones and no matter what continue to be  addicted to love because love is the key to redemption."

In that very dark hour of a memorial, the woman who uttered those words did a world of GO DO GOOD by helping all to dream, to hope and to remember the joy that a child brings into the world and why it is so important for a parent to always hold them in a heart that never wavers, one that always burns with an addiction known as LOVE.


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