A Fraud is Rarely A Great Man...but maybe??


A fraud is rarely a great man and a great man is rarely a fraud but from time to time there might be an exception to the rule.

You need to go back about a century in time to discover the strange case of Dr. Couney...WAIT - let's stop right there - he was not really a doctor.  His name was not really Couney - although the spelling was close.   It was a time filled with anti-semiticsim and the adjustment of the name allowed the man greater mobility to get things done without prejudice.

At a time when hospitals did not have a device the good Dr. Couney claimed he invented, which he did not, but took credit for, Mr. Fraud was able to save literally thousands of  American babies.   Premature babies - the really tiny ones that might be only a few inches in length and only two pounds in weight were often deemed too fragile to save and left to die.

But Dr. Couney would take them at his freak show attractions in Atlantic City and at Coney Island.  He had plenty of incubators, in part from the profits he enjoyed because Americans have always loved reality shows even before they were on TV.  People would come week after week to see the tiny babies.  They bonded with them because who doesn't love a baby?

Many of the babies lived a long life into their seventies and eighties even though the beginning chapters were fraught with loss that comes from separation - the separation of parents from their babies and babies from their parents.  In the case of two mothers faced with such loss, one refused to give up her baby to Dr. Couney while the other chose life and parted with her tiny infant who she had to sign over to the freak show maven.

It's a strange story that if you'd like to read more about, then I highly suggest you get the book by Dawn Raffel, The Strange Case of Dr. Couney - How A Mysterious European Showman Saved Thousands of American Babies.  That's my GO DO GOOD tip to you!

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