It's always difficult to lose a child but to lose one to an act of violence makes the loss even more painful.

Blaze Bernstein was an excellent Ivy League student and remembered as a caring person, a good friend, a talented writer, a wonderful cook, a risk taker, and just a super nice guy with a great future.  Blaze (19) was targeted by the ATOMWAFFEN neo-Nazi hate group.  He was slain for no other reason than he was Jewish.

48 Hours on CBS devoted an hour to tell Blaze's story and to also uncover the ATOMWAFFEN neo-Nazi hate group's intent of terrifying Americans of diverse ethnicity, culture and creed.  The ATOMWAFFEN group is made up of  white men who train covertly and with regularity in America's countryside perfecting their skills with assault weaponry with extensive fire power.

Gideon and Jeanne Bernstein, Blaze's parents, decided to confront hate the only way you can - with kindness.  They formed a foundation in their son's name and promote positive acts of kindness that include among many initiatives - giving educational scholarships in their son's name.  They are convinced that the only way we can make a difference against those that spew divisive rhetoric, hateful slogans and promote that which attempts to divide - is by doing good works that unite us.  It was revealed on that CBS 48 Hours program that one of those engaged in the hate was moved to make a transformation from the dark side to the light and even apologized for the senseless loss of Blaze's amazing life.

God bless the Bernstein's and God bless Blaze.  Don't forget to pay it forward or as some might say BLAZE IT FORWARD.  I'm often reminded that every act of love and kindness raises the vibration of the entire universe as I recall the memory of someone lost that inspires me to GO DO GOOD in his name. In the end, LOVE always conquers evil.






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