God Bless Sofia As She Brings Us Together


I am always amazed how people from all political spectrum and ideology can come together over the tragedy of a failed heart. Whose heart was it?  It was the heart of a little girl - a warrior by the name of Sofia Sanchez.  Anywhere you went in Downers Grove the buzz about this little girl's struggle with a bad ticker was all over social media geared to a FB page known as "You Know You're From Downers Grove," and a NEXTDOOR.COM site that covered the 12,000 or so families living in the suburb to the west of the Windy City.  If you went to a D.G. Panthers' football game, you also were exposed to people doing a bake sale to benefit Sofia and her family, mired in medical bills.

Sofia needed a heart to continue her life of ten years and have a chance to roll into an eleventh year and maybe with God's blessing an actual lifetime more in keeping with mortality rates in America.  Ten years was a bit young and no one needed convincing that the girl deserved more. A GO FUND ME campaign with the hope that it would draw $5,000 has now surpassed 50K...but lest one forget, a heart transplant even with insurance is EXPENSIVE!  So if you can help out - please do!  I'm not related and I've never met Sofia but I have been touched by her and her family on how tentative life really is.

The gift from this tragedy was how it brought people together. No one mentioned their politics and all were in the camp of this little girl - urging her to fight for her life - fight for it with all her might - and be a girl who had no intention of passing into the night without struggling to DO what one must to catch the breath of life and hold it close to her heart.

The young Sofia was also a GIRL and girls have their idols. In Sofia's case it was DRAKE - yes, the rapper/singer who fills stadiums when he performs because his music is that damn good.  So with the help and draw of social media, Sofia posted a video of her request to meet Drake.   Well Virginia, dreams do come true and there is a Santa Claus....that's what Sofia found to be the case when DRAKE showed up in her hospital room taking selfies with the indomitable Sofia.

Her other request in that video can't be overlooked. It was a plea to the world that she receive a heart. Providence or maybe the tentative nature of life answered that prayer...someone's grief and sorrow would lead to Sofia's resurrection; but isn't that life?

To the parents of the donor, may God hold you dear to his heart because you had to take a heart from your child and give it to another.  But don't worry. A soul doesn't need a heart to be present for it to be soulful and your little one didn't die in vain - especially not if that heart beats in a little girl that doesn't dare consider giving up on life...life is just too damn rich to be cavalier about it, but unfortunately for many of us we don't hold that innocence that goes with being young and wanting to live forever. Why do so many take life for granted?

However, the young lady is not completely out of the woods. She needs your good wishes - your thoughts and maybe even your prayers because a heart isn't easily replaced. It has to be replaced with great care and even if a surgeon disagreed with me, I'd still say "it has to be replaced also with great love."

So let's keep Sofia in our minds and wish her the best and send her vibes that shout to the mountaintops, "Sofia, don't ever consider giving up your dream to LIVE to miraculously find a way to LIVE - because damn it - life is that good - that worth it."

And let's thank the young girl for helping us to find something that unites all of us - the viability of a girl that wants to live and someday GO DO GOOD...that's the promise she made, the bargain she struck for that heart.

I sure hope she gets the chance to do that!  Oh hell, I'm going to use the slogan because it says it all....Sofia - "just do it!"

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